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  • How to Remember Dreams. Adventured through the Amazon? Met a dashing lad? Rode on a unicorn?

  • Dreams like these deserve to be remembered, so follow these tips on better dream recall

  • and remember your dreams more often. Make your dream recall better so they don't fade

  • away. You will need Journal Pen Bed Consistent sleep habits Comfortable mattress and friends

  • and family. Step 1. Keep a journal and a pen right next to your bed at all times. Writing

  • down your dream first thing in the morning will help with remembering details. Step 2.

  • Wake up slowly in the morning. Take a few extra minutes under the covers to retell your

  • dream in your head. Once you've got an internal grasp on the dream, write it down before getting

  • out of bed. Those peaceful moments between sleeping and waking are called the hypnagogic

  • state. This can be a good time to remember dreams and take time to relieve stress. Step

  • 3. [Sleep consistent] Maintain consistent sleep habits, including going to bed and waking

  • at the same times each day, keeping snacks light before bed, avoiding caffeine and alcohol

  • before bed, and sleeping on a comfortable mattress. Step 4. [Talk about your dreams]

  • Talk to your friends and family about your dreams. Talking about memories can help conjure

  • up details you may have forgotten and help with the interpretation of symbols that seemed

  • beyond you. Step 5. Draw pictures that you see in your dreams in your journal if drawing

  • pictures is more helpful than describing them in writing. And remember to date your journal

  • entries. Before you know it, you'll have a fabulous collection of dream memories. Did

  • you know In 1953, researchers discovered that rapid eye movements, or REM, during sleep

  • often signaled that a person was dreaming. They found that about an hour after subjects

  • fell asleep, the subject experienced rapid eye movement and changes in brain waves.

How to Remember Dreams. Adventured through the Amazon? Met a dashing lad? Rode on a unicorn?


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夢を覚える方法 (How to Remember Dreams)

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