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  • -Welcome back. We are here with Gwen Stefani.


  • Now, Gwen, in honor of your new single,

    グウェン ニューシングルに敬意を表して

  • "Let Me Reintroduce Myself," I want to help you

    "自己紹介をさせてください "あなたのお役に立てればと思います。

  • reintroduce yourself by asking a few get-to-know-you questions.


  • -And by a few, I mean 50. -Perfect.


  • This is "50 Yes or Nos." -Oh, my God.

    これは "50 Yes or Nos"-何てこった

  • -♪ "50 Yes or Nos" ♪

    -"50 Yes or Nos"

  • ♪ "50 Yes or Nos" ♪

    ♪ "50 Yes or Nos"

  • Alright, like I said, there are 50 of these,


  • so you need to answer as quickly as possible,


  • but say whatever you like, alright?


  • Ready? -Okay, okay.

    準備はいいか?-分かった 分かった

  • -Here we go. ♪♪

    -(速人)はい どうぞ♪♪

  • -Did you grow up in Anaheim? -Yes.


  • -Ever been to Disneyland? -Yes.


  • -Is Space Mountain the best ride?


  • -No. -Have you ever seen a UFO?


  • -No. -What was your first job?


  • Was it at Dairy Queen? -Yes.


  • -Did you give your friends free Blizzards?


  • -I would make myself mistakes and eat them in the back.


  • -Did you ever do vocals for Sublime?


  • -Yes.


  • -Were you the one who named your ska band No Doubt?


  • -No.


  • -Can you do the ska dance known as skanking?


  • -Yes, I can skank.

    -(徳井)スカンクできるよ (YOU)スカンクできるよ

  • -Yeah, of course.

    -(アルマン)そうだよね (政子)そうだよね

  • Will No Doubt ever make more music?

    No Doubtはもっと音楽を作ることはあるのだろうか?

  • -I don't know.


  • -Can we karaoke together sometime?

    -(アルマン)今度 一緒にカラオケ行かない?

  • -Yes. -Are you afraid of the dark?


  • -No. -Are you afraid of spiders?


  • -Kind of.


  • -Would you hold a tarantula for $100?


  • -Yes.


  • -Is 5'8" tall?


  • -Yes. -Do you believe in ghosts?


  • -Yes.


  • -Do you believe in love at first sight?


  • -Yes. -Do you believe in Bigfoot?


  • -Blake? Yes. [ Both laugh ]


  • -Have you ever been skydiving?


  • -No.


  • -Does grass smell good?


  • -Yes.


  • -Have you ever seen your fiancé, Blake Shelton,

    -婚約者のブレイク・シェルトンを 見たことがありますか?

  • dunk a basketball?


  • -Yes.


  • -Do you always eat breakfast?


  • -No. -Are puppies cuter than kittens?


  • -I would go with yes.

    -(アルマン)うん (政子)うん (政子)うん

  • -Is the Grand Canyon really just a big ditch?


  • -I don't know.


  • -Yeah, if someone has something in their teeth,


  • would you tell them?


  • -Yes.


  • -Are you a hollaback girl? -No.


  • -Is bananas spelled B-A-N-A-N-A-S?


  • -Yes.


  • -Is tomatoes spelled T-O-M-A-T-T-O-S?


  • -No. -Are tomatoes a fruit?


  • -Yes.


  • -Are you a vegetarian? -Yes.


  • -Is there oat milk in your fridge right now?


  • -No. -Have you tried avocado milk?


  • -No.


  • -Did it feel amazing to get the first win as a coach


  • on "The Voice"?

    "声 "に出てたのか?

  • -Yes! It felt so good to beat Blake!


  • -Does Carter Rubin have the voice of an angel?


  • -Yes.


  • -Do you ever get dizzy when "The Voice" chair spins around?

    -"ザ・ボイス "の椅子が回転してめまいがすることはありますか?

  • -No.


  • -Are cargo pants making a comeback?


  • -I have no idea.


  • -Are mullets making a comeback?


  • -Yes. -[ Laughs ]


  • And then, is it rude to hang up on telemarketers?


  • -No.


  • -Are hot tubs gross?


  • -Yes. -Yeah, they are.

    -(山里)そうですね (徳井)そうですね

  • Do you own a Ping-Pong table?


  • -No. -Is cinnamon a good gum flavor?


  • -No.


  • -Do you remember those Budweiser frogs?


  • -No. Oh, yes. I think I do remember the frogs.


  • -During your Las Vegas residency,


  • did you play any poker?


  • -No. -Did you see Cirque du Solei?


  • -Yes. -Do you like surprise parties?


  • -No. Not really.

    -(アルマン)いや あんまり

  • -Do you make New Year's resolutions?


  • -Not really.


  • -Do your remember when you played Jean Harlow in


  • "The Aviator"?


  • -Yes. That was awesome.


  • -Is it acceptable to reply to a text message


  • with just the letter "K"?


  • -Yes. -[ Laughs ]


  • Should guac cost extra?


  • -No. -Are you happy we're done?


  • -Yes. [ Dinging ]

    -そうだな。[ Dinging ]

  • -We did it! 50 questions! -That was hard.


  • All 50. -That was a lot.

    全部で50だ-(アルマン)多かったね (ありさ)多かったね

  • -My thanks to Gwen Stefani. We love you, buddy.


  • Her new single, "Let Me Reintroduce Myself,

    ニューシングル「Let Me Reintroduce Myself」。

  • is out now.


-Welcome back. We are here with Gwen Stefani.



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グウェン・ステファニーが50の急所の個人的な質問に答える (Gwen Stefani Answers 50 Rapid-Fire Personal Questions)

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