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  • we've come to the conclusion that an individual named Anthony Warner is the bomber.

    アンソニー・ワーナーという人物が 爆弾魔だという結論に達しました

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  • S attorney Donald Cochran on Sunday identified the man responsible for the Nashville motorhome explosion on Christmas Day as 63 year old Anthony Warner, whose home in nearby Antioch, Tennessee, had been searched by FBI agents over the weekend and who died in the blast, that he was present when the bomb went off and that he perished in the bombing.


  • The FBI said DNA taken from his home matched samples recovered at the site of the blast.

    FBIによると 彼の家から採取したDNAは 爆発現場で採取したサンプルと 一致したそうです

  • The explosion, in the heart of America's country music capital, injured three people and damaged more than 40 businesses, including an A T and T switching center, disrupting mobile Internet and TV services across central Tennessee and parts of four other states.

    アメリカのカントリーミュージックの中心地での爆発は、3人が負傷し、A TとTの交換センターを含む40以上の企業に損害を与え、テネシー州中央部と他の4つの州の一部でモバイルインターネットとテレビサービスを中断させました。

  • The owner of a real estate agency where Warner had worked had told the Tennesseean newspaper that Warner had come into the office roughly once a month for four or five years to provide computer consulting services.


  • Until this month, when Warner said in an email that he would no longer be working for them.


  • Five Nashville police officers who were on the scene early Friday, recalled the dramatic moments ahead of the explosion as they scrambled to evacuate nearby homes and buildings.


  • I just see orange, and then I hear a loud boom, and as I'm stumbling because it rocked me, that hard to start stumbling, I just tell myself to stay on your feet, stay alive.


  • I'll never forget the window shattering After the blast All around me, I kind of looked like a big prop from a movie scene, all the glass breaking at once.


  • Prior to the blast.


  • Music described by one officer as the 19 sixties song downtown by Petula Clark, blared from the RV along with an automated announcement warning about the impending explosion.

    1人の警官が説明した音楽は ペチュラ・クラークの60年代のダウンタウンの19の歌で RVから鳴り響いていました 差し迫った爆発の警告の自動アナウンスと共にです

  • The FBI said it's too early in the investigation to talk about the suspects motive.


we've come to the conclusion that an individual named Anthony Warner is the bomber.

アンソニー・ワーナーという人物が 爆弾魔だという結論に達しました

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B1 中級 日本語 爆発 テネシー 採取 ナッシュビル 捜査 爆弾

ナッシュビルの爆破事件の容疑者は爆発で死亡したと警察が発表した。 (Nashville bombing suspect died in blast, police say)

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