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  • When it comes to animation, Japan has always been spooky as holy grail.

  • You can take the creations of Hayao Miyazaki on one hand, and Satoshi Tajiri on another.

  • Now there is time for Demon Slayer to join the list.

  • It has just become the highest-grossing film, in history of the Japan.

  • Demon Slayer has grossed over $31 million in theatres, since it opened on 16 October.

  • It has surpassed Miyazaki Oscar winning film Spirited Away, which held the record of $30.59 million.

  • Demon Slayer set a huge record to attain such figure in just 59 days, when Miyazaki's movie took over 253 days to reach the 30 million mark in box office sales.

  • According to distributor Aniplex, Demon Slayer overtook the collections of Titanic on 30 November, which was the second highest grossing movie in Japan.

  • The film is based on manga series Demon Slayer by Koyoharu Gotōge.

  • The story follows a teenage boy, who joins a band of demon fighters to avenge the slaughter of most of his family and to rescue his sister who herself is turned into a demon.

  • The English-dubbed and subtitled versions of Demon slayer, will be coming for North American cinemas in early 2021,

  • though the film was released in Taiwan on 30 October, and in Thailand earlier this month.

  • Apart from the movie collections, the final novel of Demon Slayer went on sale this month.

  • The cumulative number over four million copies were published as the first edition.

  • It has been translated into 14 languages, and is available in 33 countries and regions.

  • With such a popularity, there is no stopping for Demon Slayer, as companies are milking the franchise through toys and other merchandise.

  • Overall it is good to know that movie industry is recovering after such a long dry spell.

When it comes to animation, Japan has always been spooky as holy grail.


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