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  • With the recent successes of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and the Heaven's Feel films,

    先頃の鬼滅の刃ならびに映画 Heaven's Feel の成功を受けて、

  • it's a really good time to be a Ufotable fan right now.

    Ufotable の人気に火が付いています。

  • Their combination of digital techniques with stylish 2D animation has made each of their shows an absolute joy to watch.


  • Here are 5 things you need to know about the studio.

    ここでは、Ufotable の知っておきたい5つのポイントをご紹介します。

  • A lot of studio names are kind of meaningless, or their name is some vague reference to something a long time ago.


  • But Ufotable is real, or rather, a table shaped like a UFO is real.

    Ufotable の名前は、実際にあるUFO型のテーブルからきています。

  • The studio president Hikaru Kondo is a fan of furniture and around the time he was creating the studio, he was trying to get his hands on a European table in the shape of a UFO.

    代表取締役の近藤光氏は家具が好きで、スタジオを開設しようとしていた頃にちょうどヨーロッパの UFO 型テーブルを購入したいと思っていたのです。

  • He was thinking of it as the sort of table that everyone can gather around and share ideas, but ultimately it's just the only thing he could think of when he finally had to choose a name.


  • He now does own that table and takes it to events sometimes, like a company mascot.


  • Ufotable have put out many series and films over the years, from game to manga adaptations,

    Ufotable はこれまでにゲーム関連からマンガ系まで多くの映画シリーズを発表してきましたが、

  • but they haven't had the opportunity to make an original series in a while.


  • But they have announced one, to be produced in collaboration with Type Moon.

    ところが Type Moon とのコラボにより、ついに作成が決まったのです。

  • Girls Work is an anime that was initially announced in 2010, but has since received no news, or even a cancellation.

    Girls Work というタイトルがつけられて2010年に作成が発表されましたが、現在に至るまで中止なども含めた新しいニュースは全く入ってきていません。

  • At this point, we're fairly sure it's never coming out, but it's amusing to think that it's still on its way.


  • Anime studios generally don't have that many sources of revenue. They can make anime,


  • but that's a long process for studios like Ufotable that don't do a lot of outsourcing work and prefer to focus on their own shows.

    Ufotable のように自社作品に集中してアウトソーシングにあまり頼らず進めていく場合には、時間のかかる作業です。

  • Therefore, the studio has opted to expand into creating their own restaurants and cafes across the country.


  • Right now they own five cafes and one restaurant, and they'll do collaborations with their own and others'properties.


  • Unsurprisingly, they're currently collaborating with Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.


  • In the anime industry, it's generally common to have some staff as permanent employees of a studio,


  • but directors and most animation staff will be freelancers who are invited to work on a project-by-project basis.


  • But Ufotable's production model generally involves focusing on promoting their own staff into directorial roles.

    しかし Ufotable の製作モデルは、自社スタッフを育てあげて監修業務をこなせるようにしていくというものです。

  • So even though Ei Aoki directed Fate/Zero at the company, every Fate anime since has been directed by an employee at the studio.

    ですから Fate/Zero はあおきえい監督が手掛けましたが、以降の Fate アニメはスタジオのスタッフが監督しています。

  • In this way, the director will always have a complete understanding of the capabilities of the team.


  • So therefore, collaboration is the key to Ufotable's success.

    このように、Ufotable の成功にはコラボがカギとなっています。

  • People talk about them having a higher budget than other studios, but in reality, their quality is to do with the close communication between all of Ufotable's different departments.


  • Incongruity between CG, digital, and 2D elements are often down to the studio having to outsource all of these different parts and struggling to keep up communication between studios across Tokyo,

    CG、デジタル、2D 要素の間に見られるズレ感は、都内スタジオ各地に点在する担当をアウトソーシングすることで生じるコミュニケーションの問題に端を発することが多いのですが、

  • but for Ufotable, all of these different groups are mere feet away and have worked together for years.

    Ufotable では、全ての担当が同じ屋根の下で何年にも渡って共に仕事をしてきているのです。

With the recent successes of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and the Heaven's Feel films,

先頃の鬼滅の刃ならびに映画 Heaven's Feel の成功を受けて、

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