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Hi I'm Catherine Daisy. I'm the director of Happy Dreams Daycare.
We offer a welcoming environment for all children regardless of any personal or supernatural issues they may have at home.
We don't use words like slow, or possessed, or antichrist.
Happy Dreams Daycare is a place where kids can just be kids.
Denny, do you want a juice box?
Denny is not here Mrs. Daisy.
Only Tony now.
Well does Tony want a juice box?
Come play with us Denny.
Denny remember how we talked about socializing?
Go play with them.
We try to engage kids in group activities to make learning fun.
C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L ...great...
We also make sure kids get plenty of outdoor time.
thirty nine...we're missing one. Where is Kevin?
Kevin! Come on inside!
The harvest is coming.
It's snack time!
I've always loved working with kids.
Before this, I was a nurse in a youth mental hospital
After that burned down I was a governess in an old orphanage.
After that burned down I ...(knock)
Can I come in?
Oh not right now Abby okay?
Okay does anyone have a book they like us to read today?
Oh..uh..fun choice.
Some parents come to me at their wits end and I completely understand.
There's nothing scarier than parenthood.
I was a little concerned with something that Damion drew today.
Let me see if I can find it...
Here it is.
(gasp) Damion!
Each day come nap time, you reminded what little angels they really are.
(Reading) Love your top side, I love your happy side.
Samara, get out of the TV! TV time is over.
But you know what, some kids are real handful.
Ragon. Ragon, stop. You're gonna make yourself dizzy.
NO, no, Ragon, stop! no, no, Ragon NO!


Horror Movie Daycare

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Vicky 2014 年 7 月 12 日 に公開
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