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  • Hi I'm Catherine Daisy. I'm the director of Happy Dreams Daycare.

  • We offer a welcoming environment for all children regardless of any personal or supernatural issues they may have at home.

  • We don't use words like slow, or possessed, or antichrist.

  • Happy Dreams Daycare is a place where kids can just be kids.

  • Denny, do you want a juice box?

  • Denny is not here Mrs. Daisy.

  • Only Tony now.

  • Well does Tony want a juice box?

  • Yes.

  • Come play with us Denny.

  • Denny remember how we talked about socializing?

  • Go play with them.

  • We try to engage kids in group activities to make learning fun.

  • C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L ...great...

  • We also make sure kids get plenty of outdoor time.

  • thirty nine...we're missing one. Where is Kevin?

  • Kevin! Come on inside!

  • The harvest is coming.

  • It's snack time!

  • I've always loved working with kids.

  • Before this, I was a nurse in a youth mental hospital

  • After that burned down I was a governess in an old orphanage.

  • After that burned down I ...(knock)

  • Can I come in?

  • Oh not right now Abby okay?

  • Okay does anyone have a book they like us to read today?

  • choice.

  • Huwalalawalala.....

  • Some parents come to me at their wits end and I completely understand.

  • There's nothing scarier than parenthood.

  • I was a little concerned with something that Damion drew today.

  • Let me see if I can find it...

  • Here it is.

  • (gasp) Damion!

  • Each day come nap time, you reminded what little angels they really are.

  • (Reading) Love your top side, I love your happy side.

  • Samara, get out of the TV! TV time is over.

  • But you know what, some kids are real handful.

  • Ragon. Ragon, stop. You're gonna make yourself dizzy.

  • NO, no, Ragon, stop! no, no, Ragon NO!

Hi I'm Catherine Daisy. I'm the director of Happy Dreams Daycare.


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