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  • hello everyone this is jennifer from tarle speech  and our question today comes from my girl claire  

    皆さんこんにちは ターレスピーチのジェニファーです 今日の質問は私の娘のクレアからです

  • it's a suggestion from her and her suggestion is  how to pronounce the word beauty and beautiful and  


  • it's because she made a beautiful horse named  beauty that she's going to show you at the end  


  • after the lesson okay do a whole tour okay so to  say the word beauty what you are going to do is  


  • you are going to think about two syllables youand then for beautiful we're going to think about  

    あなたは2つの音節について考えるつもりです あなたはdを、そして美しいのために私たちは考えるつもりです。

  • three syllables but full so let's talk about that  view first of all think about saying the word you  


  • like this is for you that is part of this syllable  one u that long u sound start with the b sound and  


  • then you're going to move to that you and to  do this what you're going to do is think about  


  • biting the insides of the back of your tongue  for that yeah sound while you keep the tip of  


  • your tongue down in your mouth this helps a lot of  people keep their tongue in the right spot it's a  


  • yeah sound and then we're going to move to that  long by rounding the lips and puckering you you


  • then we're going to end with a d and to do this  touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your  

    "D "で終わります 舌の先を後ろに触れてください

  • top front teeth and then pull it down and keep  the tongue high and flat in your mouth for that e  


  • u d beauty beauty beauty now for beautiful  you would think you would just say beautiful  

    u d beauty beauty beauty beauty now for beautiful you would think you would be just say beautiful.

  • i do hear some people say this however we are  going to change that middle syllable from a d  


  • to a duh with the schwa sound and make  this the shortest syllable in the word  


  • so it'll be buda and then we're going to end with  full and to do this gently bite the inside or the  


  • outside of the bottom lip keep that air moving out  for this and then move to the full sound and to do  


  • that you're going to move your tongue from low in  your mouth to high and touch the tip of the tongue  


  • to the back of the top front teeth let's put it  all together bu da full buddha full beautiful  

    上の前歯の奥までまとめてみましょう ブダフルブッダフルビューティフル

  • beautiful beautiful beauty beauty beauty  beautiful beautiful beautiful and now in  

  • a sentence the horse beauty is very beautiful  so give it a try people are going to notice the  


  • difference if you found this helpful we'd love  a like a share and a subscribe don't forget to  

    あなたがこの有用な発見した場合の違い 私たちは、共有のような大好きな購読を忘れないでください。

  • check out our products on google play itunes  and all of our classes at tarle speech okay so  

    google play itunesで製品をチェックしたり、タールスピーチの全クラスをチェックしてみましょう。

  • this is her brush the groom she has each little  pocket and since her hair is so long she of course  


  • needs to trim it so we got some  scissors we got some scissors here

    刈り込む必要があるので ハサミを持ってきました ハサミを持ってきました

  • and then we just have a saddle


  • that's okay


  • and then water to drink from


  • and food it has carrots apples hay and then what  my favorite thing is is there's this little flat  


  • so when she's awake it does this it opens  her eye and then when you close it it  


  • actually closes her eyes when she sleeps okay  that's beautiful and what is her name her name  


  • okay thanks so much everyone  merry christmas merry christmas to

    ありがとう みんなメリークリスマス メリークリスマスに

hello everyone this is jennifer from tarle speech  and our question today comes from my girl claire  

皆さんこんにちは ターレスピーチのジェニファーです 今日の質問は私の娘のクレアからです

AI 自動生成字幕

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