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Fullface of makeup
Pin your hair back
Grab a wipe cotton around and soak it with BIODERMA
this is my favorite makeup remover because it's very sensitive to the skin
yet it’s extremely powerful at removing makeup
if I wore waterproof mascara that day
then I’ll go in with Lancome double-action eye makeup remover
And use Q-tip to really get into the lashes and the general eye area
This face washes is one of my Holy Grail product
and that’s because it does excellent job at removing the rest of my makeup it holds excellent lather
and it keeps my skin feeling really clean and fresh and blemish-free
and so I just make sure I rinse it off multiple times to ensure
that all that so the soapy residue is gone
every time you wash your face the cleanser strips your skin off all its natural oils and just kinda messes up the PH levels
So you’ve gotta bounced it back by using a toner
if it’s in the evening, I’ll go it in with an eye cream
and this just helps keep your under-eyes brighter and prevent if from wrinkling
the last and final step is to moisturize the rest of my face
and make sure I do it as evenly as possible
once or twice a week I’ll go in with a face mask
this is my favorite the Glamglow one
but this one is pretty pricey so I have a cheaper alternative
this one is the CVS purifying mint masque
they both do an incredible job drawing out all the gunk outta (out of) your pores
so there we have it, folks that is my skin care routine which I perform every single day
If you have any beauty secret tips, feel free to write them down below comment section
you can follow me on instagram:imjenn
and I’ll see you guys next time
Background Music:Air wolf-- hanging on


My Skincare Routine

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田兒 2014 年 7 月 9 日 に公開
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