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  • How much does this game change?


  • Now that breezes, that quarterback, it really does.


  • Taysom Hill, I think, was actually doing an admirable job considering this first riel action there consistently.


  • But you ain't gonna beat the Chiefs trying toe like ball control.


  • You're gonna have to have some dynamism in your offense and try to get him into a shootout in The Saints, by the way, also have until very recently Ah, very, very good defense.


  • They were on a run there for about a month, where the defense looked like the best in the game, even if not the most talented.


  • So the difference between Taysom Hill really learning how to lead the team and be an effective NFL starting quarterback or Jamis Winston, who gave you a puncher's chance?


  • But it came with high risk versus a motivated Drew Brees coming off injury, knowing that this could be his swan song.

    しかし これが彼の白鳥の歌になるかもしれないと知っていながら 怪我をして来たやる気のあるドリュー・ブリーズとは 対極にある危険性の高いものでした

  • Remember, he was saying about retiring last year with maybe the best, most balanced team he's been on at least since they won the Super Bowl.


  • And knowing with only one by in each conference and the Packers hot on their tail, that they really need to win this game.

    各会議では1つだけですが パッカーズが追い上げてきています このゲームに勝つ必要があることを知っています

  • That could be a Super Bowl preview.


  • And knowing that even if you forget about the by, he ain't gonna wanna have to travel to Lambeau in winter to go to the frozen tundra in the playoffs versus, ah, home game in the Dome, where they're much, much better.

    凍てつくツンドラの中でのプレーオフのために 冬のランボーまで行かなくてもいいだろうし ドームでのホームゲームのためにも

  • There's so much on the line for Breeze guys, I think we're going to I think it makes an enormous difference in this matchup.

    ブリーズの人たちのために多くのことがライン上にあるので、私たちが行くと思います。 このマッチアップでは非常に大きな違いを作ると思います。

  • When I look at this game, I do agree with the notion that it's more difficult to prep for Taysom Hill than it is for Drew Brees, because his exceptionalist Drew Brees is he's a drop back passer.


  • It's what he does, and literally, he's living in the pocket because he's not one who scrambles outside of the pocket too often.


  • When you take that into consideration and you think about the maneuverability of a Taysom hill, the way the wheels that he has on him, how he is a threat at the quarterback position to run the football and move to change that way, it's more difficult toe defend against that.


  • If you're the Kansas City Chiefs than to defend against Drew Brees.


  • But I still say that Drew Brees his accuracy.


  • Throwing the football, his chemistry with Michael Thomas.


  • Three kind of things he can do in terms of flinging that football to the accurate level that he does, makes everybody around him more lethal because they could just get a step.


  • And, you know, Drew Brees is going to get the ball two of them.


  • That is not the same with Taysom Hill.


  • So I see this Aziz being a game where Drew Brees definitely forces the secondary off the Kansas City Chiefs to be even more on their PS and Q's.


  • But also, if you're showing Peyton to keep Kansas City off balance, you could still use utilize Taysom Hill in a fashion that you did for years prior to Drew Brees getting injured.


  • I look at it as Drew Brees, definitely being a significant upgrade, as opposed to him being out in Kansas City Strip, you know, strictly having to prepare to take some help.


  • Yeah, I don't think Hill gave him.


  • I think he'll gave him the third best chance of all the quarterbacks on the roster again.


  • What's the one game the Chiefs lost this?


  • You gave up 40 points.


  • I think I think number one Drew Brees gives them the best chance.


  • Then against the Chiefs, specifically just the Chiefs, James gives him the second best chance because he gives you a puncher's chance.


  • At least he'll throw the ball down the field and then Taysom Hill.

    少なくとも彼はフィールドにボールを投げて テイサム・ヒルになるだろう。

  • I don't think you beat the Chiefs with ball control.


  • I don't think you I mean, yes, you want to keep my homes off the field.


  • But when you look at the games they've lost in recent years high scoring games, 40 points to the Raiders was it 40 32 or something like that?


  • And even the rematch that was tough was a high scoring game.


  • You want, in fact, counterintuitively to get into Ah, high scoring shootout with the Chiefs.


  • Not because you're likely to win.


  • You're likely to lose, but you're more likely to win than if you just try toe ball.


  • Control them.


  • This ain't a team you're gonna be ableto ball control to defeat.

    このチームはあなたがボールコントロールして 倒すことができるチームではない

  • I feel you on that Max Kellerman.


  • But I think that I would buy that argument if Jamis Winston got some time this year, but to not having played this year and then to put him in there against the Kansas City Chiefs.

    しかし、私はジャミス ・ ウィンストン今年いくつかの時間を得た場合は、その議論を買うだろうと思いますが、今年プレーしていないし、カンザスシティ ・ チーフスとの対戦で彼をそこに置くために。

  • And to say that that would be a better shot than takes him Hill.


  • I do not agree with that at all.


  • I could see Jamis Winston point now, throwing a couple of pics relatively early and then being a blowout before we had a chance to pass gas or something.


  • I mean, I can't see it.


  • I wouldn't see it that way at all.


  • I definitely think that Drew Brees is Drew Brees and Taysom Hill.


  • You utilize him that way and you make them a two headed monster for the purposes of going up against the Kansas City Chiefs.


  • I think how you do that.


  • That's how you would do that.


  • I do not believe that James Winston would give them a better chance in this particular contest, by the way, but since because it's gonna be Drew Brees quarterback at this point.

    ジェームズ ・ ウィンストンは彼らにこの特定のコンテストでより良いチャンスを与えるだろうとは信じていないが、それはこの時点でドリュー ・ ブリーズのクォーターバックになるだろうから。

  • But because it's gonna be Drew Brees.


  • I'm sorry, Charlie, I'm just gonna say, because it's gonna be Drew Brees.


  • The whole idea of like the yards per attempt was so low this year, but again, No, Emmanuel Sanders, you know with Michael Times and Emmanuel Sanders and camera and the defense playing the way it does and and, by the way, a nice, long rest for Breeze as he was recovering from the ribs in the lung.


  • Um, I expect the yards per attempt to be much different down the stretch heading into the playoffs and Drew Brees.

    ええと、私は試みあたりのヤードがプレーオフとドリュー ・ ブリーズに向かってストレッチの下ではるかに異なることを期待しています。

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How much does this game change?



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