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  • hi everyone and merry christmas welcome to  our little series on christmas words and  

    こんにちは、みんなとメリークリスマス クリスマスの言葉の小さなシリーズへようこそ

  • how to pronounce them. our lesson today is how  do i pronounce the words fruitcake: which is a  


  • cake made with dried fruits and nuts, gingerbread  which is a cake or cookie flavored with ginger,  


  • and a sugar cookie which is a small sweet  crisp or chewy treat covered in sugar  


  • and sometimes in icing. that's one of my favorite  christmas treats. the lesson today is really going  


  • to revolve around word stress and how do you  stress compound nouns so all of these words are  


  • compound nouns. and basically what that means is  it's two words put together to mean a new thing.  

    "複合名詞 "とは、基本的には2つの単語を組み合わせて 新しいものを意味します。

  • when you stress something you make it louder  higher in pitch and you have longer vowels.  


  • that is opposed to unstressed which is the exact  opposite softer lower and shorter. for most of  


  • my students because vowels are so difficult this  longer vowel and shorter vowel is key. again a lot  


  • of students that i work with all of their vowels  are similar in length so if you really work on  


  • making your vowels different lengths that's really  going to help with these compound nouns and people  


  • will better understand you. again here are our  words fruitcake gingerbread and sugar cookie.  


  • how do we go about doing this. what you're going  to do is you are going to stress word number one  


  • in each of these cases word number  two is going to have less stress  


  • another key point is we're going to link these  words together with no pause in between them and  


  • make them one word. so i'm not going to say fruit  cake. i'm going to link those words together with  


  • no pause make them one word and i'm going to make  this word louder longer and higher. fruit cake  

    間髪入れずに一つの言葉を作ってください 私はこの言葉をもっと大きく長く高くします フルーツケーキ

  • fruit cake. same thing here i'm going to stress  ginger link it to bread make that all one word.  


  • ginger is longer louder and higher bread is  shorter softer and lower. gingerbread gingerbread.  

    生姜の方が長くて大きくて高いパンの方が短くて柔らかくて低い。 ジンジャーブレッドのジンジャーブレッド。

  • and then for a sugar cookie sugar cookie sugar  cookie sugar cookie. so it sounds some of my  


  • students say as if i'm saying these second words  very quickly. and it kind of am because of that  


  • shorter vowel. so let's give these all a try  fruit cake fruit cake ginger bread gingerbread  

    短い母音なので、これを全部試してみましょう フルーツケーキ フルーツケーキ ジンジャーブレッド

  • sugar cookie sugar cookie. i do want to make  one last comment for sugar cookie. that has that  


  • dreaded short um ooh sound that we have in english  it's not a very common sound but we do use it in  


  • very common words. it is here. a tip for that is  do not pucker your lips too much. it's not ooh  


  • it's not sugar cookie. and don't relax them too  much it's not sugar cookie. it is a nice in the  


  • middle slightly rounded lips that are relaxed for  that uh vowel. so again it's not it's not uh it's


  • sugar cookie sugar cookie. let's give those all  a try again fruit cake fruit cake fruit cake  


  • gingerbread gingerbread gingerbread  sugar cookie sugar cookie sugar cookie.  

    ジンジャーブレッド ジンジャーブレッド シュガークッキー シュガークッキー シュガークッキー

  • my favorite christmas treat is a sugar cookie  but i will also eat gingerbread and fruitcake.  


  • so let me know what your favorite christmas  treat is in the comments section. and give  


  • it a try i know people are going to notice  the difference. if you found this helpful  


  • please share us with your friends aslittle christmas present to them. and if  


  • you need any extra help you can check out  my site and my products at  


  • google play and itunes thanks everyone  merry christmas see you for the next video.

    google play and itunes thanks everyone merry christmas see you for next video.

hi everyone and merry christmas welcome to  our little series on christmas words and  

こんにちは、みんなとメリークリスマス クリスマスの言葉の小さなシリーズへようこそ


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FRUIT CAKE, GINGERBREAD, SUGAR COOKIEの発音方法 - 複合名詞 英語の発音 (How to Pronounce FRUIT CAKE, GINGERBREAD, SUGAR COOKIE - Compound Noun English Pronunciation)

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