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hi everyone cassie impersonal instinct
and i have another video for it today from intelligent dot com
what i want to talk to you today about
how to learn english
and give you three simple tips about the subject
the reason i'm making this video for you
is because we get many emails
many of the emails iraq asking me
uh... how can i have learned and
but what do i need to do
so i've decided to make this short papers
it today to help you out
and give you three simple tips sup let's get started
foreseeable tip for how to learn english
is to move us toward simple and start small
many people try to use materials that are too difficult for them
and legal understands material
so you need to use materials that you can understand
easy materials materials that you can't practice again and again
now many of you
have recently purchased
money super fast beaten program and that's really great
congratulations because right now it's going to be very helpful
in this protest began program you will notice
that argues very simple
fairy tales
children's stories
for example uh... goldilocks and
little red riding
interrogation aedst
from isa
buffet occurs
and as some people have asked him why my learning these children stories while i'm learning
fairy tales
is this going to be helpful for me
for my business meetings and for my professional english
and explain to the city
if you can't
but simple children story and if you can't explain that simple children's story in english
can you explain that
difficult optics
in a business meeting
how can you give presentation for your job
if you can to do
these use defense first so
start with using materials basic materials and
you can go on and continue with more difficult areas
so that's the first step
so simple to start with basic materials now the second step
related to the first step
the second step
choose the right materials and choose the best materials for you
now first of all i'd never recommend biggest course materials or lester
because these materials are not realistic
and they're not useful for helping you speak fluent english
so i'm recommending always use really curios
israel english books really was magazines
television shows film
uh... israel materials they use materials that your interested in
sometimes that i asked my students uh...
what are you listening
materials are used and nancy
uh... i'm listening to c_n_n_ i'm watching bbc
and i'd say okay
are due by clinton's do you enjoy the news and they say
i hate these export
and so i tell them
don't want c_n_n_ don't watch bbc
because these materials will not be useful for you
they'll be boring for you
and you won't learn very quickly so use
interesting materials for you
and you can alcee is materials that are related to your job for your career
which means that your interested so that's a very very important to
she was the right material staff members
set number three
is to get the right al
i didn't say just get help
okay because
and somehow and actually
not be very helpful
everybody needs help
when you're learning for me
very difficult to learn
all alone
it's very difficult to learn by herself so you need to get some help
but you need to make sure that you get the right help
right teacher self
how can you know
if you have a good teacher
or the right teacher
i can give you
three simple rules to follow
number one
ask yourself
has this teacher leonard a foreign language
uh... candidates speak
more than one way
because many english teachers
only speak english
they've never learned how to speak but secondly
and because they've never learn it's very difficult for them to give you good advice
if you're a teacher has learned a second language very well very fluently
can't share his over experiences with you
and give you good advice about learning
so that's the first question
having learned a foreign language themselves
secada question number two
do they teach grammar and
if they teach grammar how did they teach grammar
many teachers
cheech grammar
uh... because it's allegiant each new scope of the lesson but and there's less than one
listened to the list of three and you just give it
that's in very easily and very simply to the student
complex actually not the best way to learn grammar
you must learn grammar
uh... real into sentences real practical examples you cannot learn to speak grammar if your
teachers say
howcast cluster of three people's present perfect
because wonder speaking you can't remember that's cool
and it's not useful way
to live wrapped so
question number two is does your teacher teach grammar
if he or she teaches grammar
how did they teach very very important for you to look at this
honest that number three question number three
to know if you have a good teacher or not
is com
what is your teachers attitude
but he said he should be encouraging issue teacher positive
jurisdiction should make you feel good
uh... initiation sure makes you feel bad
that i recommend you find in other news
new teacher immediately you must find a teacher makes you feel good that makes you feel positive
and cruises always willing to help
three questions ask yourself number one have been under foreign language never too
how did they teach grammar and number three
however they're added to have their personality
uh... pasta party negative
he should be possible all time
um... those of the pre-civil tense about
how to learn english number one
historic simple seven basic materials
number two
chew the right materials and the best materials for yourself
and number three
get the right help everybody needs help learning language
and you need to make sure that you get the best help
if you want to learn fast so
i hope the short video was very useful for you
i'm going to be lisa morgan videos this week and next week
so please check your e-mail and check our website again
to see those new videos
have a great day and good luck with your english


How To Learn English

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