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(PewDiePie) Based on a true story.
Dear everyone, please subscribe
to my new channel on YouTube.
I think I'm about to hit 3 subs soon.
Please subscribe and also please don't hate.
Dear fans, thanks for 5 subs!
I think I might post my first video soon.
Dear fans, please join my new sniper clan,
Falcon Loversxxx...
Only if your a pro.
First video coming up next week.
See you there niiig--nice people.
Dear falcon lovers, I set up
t-shirts and Paypals.
Link is on here.
Don't hate and donate.
Dear falcon lovers, sorry for the delays.
No video because my neck hurts now.
Thanks for understand.
Dear falcon lovers, I just posted
my video on my channel.
Please like, favorite, subscribe and subscribe.
Also leave a comment and subscribe.
Also thumbs up this video
and please forget to subscribe.
Thank you!
Also, don't hate.
Sorry for self advertising.
Don't hate my videos, haters.
Dear falcon lovers, mom says
I have the chicken pots.
I have yellow and brown rashes over my body.
Maybe this will improve the noscopes.
Who knows?
Falcon lovers, today I got noscoped
by a face clan member.
Go check out montage on main channel.
Not falcon vlogs or falcon iPhone vlogs
or falcon gaming vlogs
or falcon gaming gaming.
It will make your pussy wet.
My brother told me that.
I'm more of a dog person myself.
You should like it and go there.
Dear falcon lovers,
we lost one of our own subs today.
We only 3 subs now.
My brother unsubbed also.
I don't understand why.
Maybe you no like my videos?
Maybe you a hater.
Sad face.
♪ (ominous music) ♪
Dear falcon lovers,
it's all come clear to me now.
The rashes...the neck pain...
the lack of noscopes...
I finally understand the truth
of this situation.
I'm a giraffe.
I belong in the plain wide fields of Africa.
With my people.
In sunshine.
I will shine.
Possibly get noscoped.
This is my final YouTube comment.
Pece 4 ever.
Also forget to subscribe.
[visit www.facebook.com/subtitleyoutube
to see other videos or to make a request]



An Inspiring Story of A YouTube Commenter.

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Ashley Chen 2014 年 7 月 10 日 に公開
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