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  • 44 Akashic Record and the Soul

  • Hi this is Jack.

  • I'm going to speak about the Akashec Records.

  • What is known about the Akashec Records is that it's been like a recording,

  • a book of life scenario. Where all your experiences from all your lives have been written down and noted.

  • And yes, it did exist.

  • Mainly it was part of and for the entire soul construct/mastery/ascension/spirituality/manifestation

  • in which human beings believe in this world.

  • But it was also necessary for the inter-dimensional beings who was basically in charge of when human beings die and cross over and where they are supposed to be placed in the dimensions.

  • Now of course you would ask there are millions and billions of people in this world

  • how did they keep track and keep trained of the Akashec Records of all human beings in the existence.

  • Whether you believe in the Akashec Records or not, it did exist and it did exist for each human being.

  • Each human being have one specific guide that remain with them for all their life. The same guide.

  • Sometimes the guide would change, it happened, but rarely.

  • It was mainly prefered that human beings have the exact same guides.

  • The guides would have these specific records of this specific human being, within them.

  • And of course it is a locked place from that prespective within the Akashec Records.

  • Now this was to done for the following reason, it was also part of the dimensional beings believing in the fate crap

  • that their lesson has to be learn etc.

  • So we have the Akashec Records, the records of all human beings and all their lives, precious lives, past lives etc. within this book.

  • Yet within this book, also each guide had the specific record for each and human being that they are with.

  • And the guide's purpose according to their implanted belief through a mind consciousness insertion which is described at the central point inside the mind, even inside the dimensions.

  • That they must basically make sure the human beings learn their lessons or go through their lessons or transcend their lessons etc.

  • The entire karma equation.

  • And if they didn't,

  • the records will be placed, and the being will just be sent back to another life to do it again and again and again until they learn their lesson.

  • Now the reason for the recording of all the past lives, precious lives and god knows what,

  • was also for the Anu and the most beings who were in charge/in power/in control in 'heaven'

  • to make sure that the human beings were maintaining pace here on earth.

  • In other words they are not diverting of 'the path of enslavement'.

  • And that's one of the ways how Anu maintain control over existence.

  • Now the white light in terms of the gridline system was also connected to the Akashec Records.

  • In other ways if a being in any way try to influence anything of this world that would support human beings to

  • release them even from a moment of enslavement/control/power,

  • or if any form of equality and oneness exist here in this world,

  • or any solution to anything that exist which is brought foward by any being, then they are immediately removed.

  • In their previous life they are placed as a

  • dog something like that because they've been labeled as afraid,

  • because it has been tried before....................

  • So there was a part of being such as that who actually stood up and wanted to make a difference and finding solutions for the current manifestation of existence,

  • those beings the annunaki just couldn't scrape no matter what they did and what they tried.

  • In terms of removal of certain human beings in this world especially those who wanted to make a difference,

  • and all human beings's unconcious field if they actually stand up and make a difference they will be removed.

  • Which is interesting, it's just another way how this entire enslavement of man manifests here on earth.

  • So that was the Akashec Records there's really no big thing.

  • It was really just basically to make sure that the beings who go through their lives,go through their lessons,

  • follow their great path, etc etc.

  • And then of course the security system for those few beings in power and control in the dimensions

  • to make sure all human beings maintain their movement.

  • Because this whole Akashec Record thing of the soul construct and the white light connected with that was placed with Anu's. So he always had an eye over everything.

  • Yeah, he was quite specific in terms of what he did,

  • and he trusted his followers to certain extenct.

  • He always have this warning system that he sent out certain people or certain beings in dimensions to go sorted out immediately, either removal or inserting another system, or reprogramming,

  • doing upgrades etc he managed and ruled over this world of human beings.

  • So this is Jack. on Akashic Record - Thank you very much.

44 Akashic Record and the Soul


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