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  • Check, check. One, two, take one.

  • All right. Raquelle?

  • -Yeah. -Okay.

  • -I'm just gonna start recording. -Okay.

  • And then, basically, you follow me.

  • -Good? -RAQUELLE: Yeah, you're good.

  • Ready.

  • Oh, I'm tryin', I'm tryin' I'm tryin', I'm tryin' ♪

  • SELENA GOMEZ: Hi! I'm Selena Gomez,

  • and I love to cook.

  • I'm gonna give you

  • a behind-the-scenes of how we're doing

  • the cooking show. I've asked some

  • of the best chefs to school me. They're at home, I'm at home.

  • We're about to teach everybody how to do this.

  • -Great! -(CHEERS)


  • This is my real home.

  • Everything that we're doing is at home.

  • This is my amazing kitchen, which is the set.

  • -(CHEERS) -Yes!

  • SELENA: I have lighting... (CHUCKLES)

  • Which is every girl's dream.

  • That way I can just make everything look great

  • for the screen.

  • WOMAN: You look like a pro, Sel.

  • -Chef Selly. -Hey!

  • You will see the cameras everywhere.

  • There's one camera here... two above...

  • ...four, five... And there's a camera here.

  • That's basically covering every angle of this.

  • (GASPS) In order for us to film,

  • we basically don't make any contact

  • with anybody other than the people

  • we're quarantined with.

  • I'm actually quarantined with my friends,

  • Liz and Raquelle, Daisy, Winnie, Nana, and Papa.

  • Everybody is working from home.

  • So, we never get to contact each other,

  • but we get to talk through the walkie-talkies.

  • Two, three, four...

  • Of course, it's not always as smooth

  • as we would like it to be.

  • (SCREAMS) No!

  • -WOMAN: Oh, my God! -SELENA: That's a fire!

  • -WOMAN: Get it out! -SELENA: Sorry.

  • This is where we get to put all the chefs

  • on the screen.

  • Everything that I'm making,

  • they're doing on the screen, which helps me big time.

  • Slice it thin. If you cry, it's okay,

  • because the onions can do that.

  • -So can boys. (CHUCKLES) -(CHEF CHUCKLING)

  • Being able to do something like this is new,

  • it's very different. I'm excited that we're

  • a part of it, and now you got a little tour

  • as to how we're able to do this during quarantine.

  • WOMAN: It's unbelievable!

  • Oh, my gosh, it smells so good.

  • -Wow, you're a chef! -(CHEERS)


  • CAMERA OPERATOR: Okay, you can wrap.

  • -Great! (CHEERS) -Good job.

  • Look at her now

Check, check. One, two, take one.


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