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Emails are easier to write than they are to respond to. You can write an email in seconds,
link to an article or a video with a simple copy and paste and send. Now that pour person
you wrote to has to scan his cluttered inbox, open your email, read it, decide how to respond,
then respond. Emails often have open ended questions that are hard to answer. And people
often get cc'd on emails they don't care about. This is all spiraling out of control and destroying
our productivity. So we ask -- do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution?
Here are things you can start doing today to make your emails better for everyone.
Choose good subject lines that clearly give the topic of your email and maybe even tagged
with an action category. Write short emails. Keep it to five sentences or less if you can
and make sure the reason for the email is clear at the top. No weird fonts or colors
please. Don't give open-ended questions but very specific action options. Slash unnecessary
cc's and when forwarding emails tighten up threads by deleting unimportant things. Oh,
and stop replying just to say thanks. It might feel rude at first but it's one less email
to worry about reading.
So unless you enjoy punishing people, join the email charter.


How to Save the World from Email

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Ashley Chen 2014 年 7 月 9 日 に公開
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