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  • Senate on Friday passed the annual National Defense Authorization Act, or N.

    上院は金曜日、毎年恒例の国防承認法(National Defense Authorization Act、またはN)を可決した。

  • D A $740 billion bill setting policy for the Department of Defense.

    D 国防総省の方針を決める74000億ドルの法案。

  • The Senate's 84 to 13 votes, which had a margin large enough to overcome President Donald Trump's promised veto, was a rare break between Republicans in Congress and the White House, and the conference report has agreed to the Senate Passage sends it to Trump's desk weeks before he leaves office.


  • Backers hope strong bipartisan support will prompt Trump to reconsider his threat to veto the bill, which has become law for 59 straight years.


  • But the White House said Trump's position had not changed.


  • He'll have 10 days minus Sundays to veto, sign or allow it to become law without his signature.


  • Trump objects to the India because it does not repeal Section 2 30 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects large technology companies from liability for what appears on their platforms.

    トランプ氏はインドに異議を唱えているが、それは、プラットフォーム上に表示されるものに対する責任から大規模な技術企業を保護する通信品位法のセクション2 30を廃止していないからである。

  • Trump also wants to block an N D, a provision stripping the names of Confederate generals from military bases.

    トランプ氏はまた、軍事基地から南軍の将軍の名前を剥奪する条項であるN Dをブロックしたいと考えています。

  • Trump's threats frustrated lawmakers from both parties, who said the tech measure has nothing to do with the fence.


  • They also said Trump's concerns about social media should not kill legislation considered essential for the Pentagon.


the U.


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上院、トランプ氏の拒否権の脅威を無視して国防法案を支持 (Senate backs defense bill, defying Trump veto threat)

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