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  • My viral TikTok got me a record deal, and this is that story.

    私の TikTok がバズったことで、私はレコード契約することになりました。その経緯をお話しします。

  • My name is Lyn Lapid, and this all started in the summer of 2019.

    私の名前はリン・ラピッド。すべては 2019 年の夏に始まりました。

  • I was 16.

    私は 16 歳でした。

  • I really loved music, and I was just kind of casually putting covers on YouTube and some Conan Gray songs, just very bedroom pop.

    私は音楽が大好きで、コナン・グレイの曲なんかのカバーを軽い気持ちで YouTube にあげてたんです。とにかく、まさにベッドルーム・ポップって感じです。

  • Nobody really saw them.


  • It took me eight months to get to 100 subscribers.


  • Then, I started posting on TikTok and Instagram, and that's when things started to really pick up.

    それから、TikTok とインスタに上げるようになりました。色んな事が急に進み出したのはその頃です。

  • Within a few months, I had reached 10,000 followers on Instagram.


  • Then one day, my dad was messaged by a producer.


  • He said that he was this big, well-known producer that's worked with a lot of big artists.


  • We started talking.


  • He was a lot more pop, upbeat, groovy, I guess.


  • But, that's not my vibe, so I just thought we didn't click that way.


  • I was expressing that I didn't want to work with him, and I think he got a bit defensive, and was starting to tell me that I wouldn't make it in the industry if I didn't follow his advice.


  • I was, like, really sad for a couple days.

    2 日間くらい、すごく落ち込みました。

  • I was looking at my own music, and I thought that none of it was good enough.


  • I started to question would it be silly of me to even consider trying to go into the music industry if this guy who's worked with so many successful artists tells me that I wouldn't make it if I try to do it my way?


  • Then, an idea came to me.


  • I started to imagine, like a world, a reality where I followed his advice and I did get big and famous like he said.


  • I realized that I would be unhappy.


  • And so, I made a story out of it and I made it into a song.


  • She was only 17 when producer man came offering

    ♪プロデューサーの男が声をかけてきた その娘(こ)はまだ 17 歳♪

  • That all her dreams


  • Would come true


  • As soon as I finished the first verse, I posted it to TikTok the very same day.

    最初の1節を仕上げてすぐその日に、TikTok にそれを上げたんです。

  • And it blew up, and my account was growing like crazy.


  • I was getting like 10,000 followers every couple of hours.

    2 時間おきにフォロワーが 1 万人くらい増えました。

  • So then, Republic Records reached out to me.


  • At the time, I didn't really know what Republic was.


  • And, I Googled them.


  • I was like oh my gosh, Ariana Grande's under them, and so is Taylor Swift, the Weeknd, all these big artists.


  • I was hesitant to talk to any labels at all because of my experience with producer man.


  • It took a lot of time to, you know, trust.


  • So, I was connected with this producer, and I found out that he was Conan Gray's producer, and started working out different versions of producer man.

    その後、(パブリック・レコードの)プロデューサーに連絡を取ると、その人がコナン・グレイのプロデューサーだと分かったんです。それで、『Producer Man』の別バージョンを作り始めました。

  • What she couldn't see

    ♪その娘(こ) は分からなかったこと

  • Was he was in it for the money

    ♪ それは、その男がお金目当てだったこと♪

  • Oh, oh

    ♪ Oh, oh ♪

  • Money


  • Oh, oh, money

    ♪Oh, Oh, マネー♪

  • I released "Producer Man" on Spotify.

    『Producer Man』を Spotify で発表したら、

  • 12 days after it releasing it, it got to 1,000,000 streams.

    発表の 12 日後に、再生回数が 100 万回になりました。

  • it got to 1,000,000 streams.

    再生回数が 100 万回になったんです。

  • I just wanted to thank everybody who supported me and gave me words of encouragement.


  • And if the real producer man is watching right now, I'd like to thank you.


  • I think without you telling me that I wouldn't make it, then I probably wouldn't be here right now.


  • (uplifting music)

    (元気の出る BGM )

My viral TikTok got me a record deal, and this is that story.

私の TikTok がバズったことで、私はレコード契約することになりました。その経緯をお話しします。

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