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  • they say you can't do it.


  • They tell you that you're dreaming.


  • Give up.


  • Why did they say these things?


  • They don't doubt you.


  • How could they doubt you?


  • They just don't want to see you succeed every late night every early morning, Their words like barking dog.


  • You don't have to prove them wrong.


  • You just have to prove yourself right.


  • And you will right now every set, every lift Every men to the study every hour of practice, Minute by minute, hour by hour.


  • You're getting closer to your goals but they're barking, Gets louder on the ball, gets pushed They still say you cannot do it They're shouting from the sidelines They say that you couldn't do it last time But here you are.

    ゴールに近づいてきたが 吠えている ボールの音が大きくなり 押されても無理だと 傍観者が叫んでいる

  • They say you won't do it next time but they will still be shouting from the back Still doubting, still hating Still hoping that you fall But so what If you fall You're only going to get back up because you still work Still grinding still succeed believing in yourself and pushing for your goals in all this time of doubt What have they done?

    次はやらないと言われても 後ろから叫んでいる まだ疑っている まだ憎んでいる まだ期待している あなたが落ちても 立ち上がろうとしているのは あなたがまだ働いているから まだ研削している まだ成功している 自分を信じて目標に向かって 突き進んでいる この疑念の時間の中で 彼らは何をしたのだろう?

  • They haven't moved an inch.


  • But you've been progressive in the shadows of night In the coz of daybreak, In the weight of your own sweat Minutes, hours, weeks, months and years all the suffering blood, sweat and tears Triumph the success, the progress You know the price you paid.

    しかし、あなたは夜の影の中で進歩してきたのです 夜明けの夜陰で、自分の汗の重みの中で 分、時間、週、月、年、すべての苦しみの血、汗、涙の勝利、成功、進歩 あなたは自分が支払った代償を知っています。

  • They don't doubt you.


  • How could they?


  • You are working in the shadows of words they don't doubt They just don't want to see you succeed.


they say you can't do it.


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