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  • Food and Drug Administration said on Friday it was working rapidly to issue an emergency use authorization for Fighters Cove in 19 vaccine, with the green light coming possibly as soon as Friday evening, according to The New York Times.

    食品医薬品局は金曜日にそれが迅速に作業していると言った 19 ワクチンのファイターズコーブのための緊急使用承認を発行するために、緑の光が来ている可能性があり、金曜日の夕方には、ニューヨークタイムズによると、できるだけ早く来ている。

  • But White House Chief of staff Mark Meadows urged FDA head Stephen Hahn toe authorize the vaccine by Friday and quipped that he should prepare to resign if not ah senior administration officials said On Friday, Meadows leaned on Han during a phone conversation on Friday.

    しかし、ホワイトハウスのチーフスタッフマークメドウズは、金曜日までにワクチンを承認するためにFDAの頭スティーブン-ハーンtoeを促し、彼は辞任する準備をしなければならないとquipped 金曜日に、メドウズは金曜日に電話での会話の間にハンに寄りかかった。

  • The official told Reuters that Meadows comment about resigning quote wasn't a red line but was more of equipped with the intention of urging quote the FDA to act quickly and get the job done and stop the delays.

    関係者はロイターに語ったメドウズ辞任についてのコメント引用赤線ではなかったが、迅速に行動し、仕事を取得し、遅延を停止するには、FDA の引用を促している意図を備えていたこと。

  • Trump, in a tweet Friday, called the FDA quote Ah, big old slow turtle and urged Hahn to quote, Get the damn vaccines out now.


  • But critics said it amounted to dangerous political interference at a fraught time.


  • Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor and a 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, tweeted.


  • All this does is undermine the credibility of the FDA, even Mawr, when it is most important not to do that?


  • Democratic representative from New Hampshire, Annie Kuster.


  • This political interference cannot be tolerated.


  • The FDA will grant an emergency use authorization on its own timeline, guided by science and data.


  • The White House declined to comment, although an administration official said Meadows does request regular updates on the progress toward the vaccine.


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ホワイトハウスは金曜日までにワクチンを承認するようFDAのチーフに要請 (White House urges FDA chief to approve vaccine by Friday)

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