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  • hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your two for tuesday

  • homophones or two words pronounced exactly

  • the same way i'm going to teach these words as homophones but there is a

  • variation to one of the words today and we will

  • talk about that a little bit our words are patients which

  • are people who receive medical care and patience

  • the ability to wait let's take a look at these words i'm

  • going to teach them exactly the same because in connected

  • speech when people are talking quickly often

  • this t sound drops completely and you do not

  • hear it so that makes things a little bit easier that we can pronounce them

  • exactly the same so to say these words correctly we're

  • going to start with syllable one pay to do that lips together

  • and then open wide and move to a smile aaa aaa

  • you can see my tongue moves from low to high

  • as i say that then we're going to end with

  • shuns and to do this round your lips for that

  • shh your tongue is not touching anything in your mouth air keeps moving out

  • add that short uh sound with the relaxed mouth and tongue

  • and then touch the tip of the tongue to the back of the top front teeth for the

  • n air is moving out of your nose then end

  • with the s again your tongue is not touching your

  • teeth it is either pointed down or it is behind the top front teeth

  • let's put that all together shuns pay

  • shuns patience patients patience

  • now if you do hear people say pay shunts with that ts at the end

  • that is totally fine and if i was stressing that word in a sentence

  • you would definitely hear a stronger t but again

  • when most people are saying both of these words that t disappears and you

  • don't hear it as much so that is a totally fine option

  • to say these words exactly the same let's give them a try

  • patience patience patients and now for a sentence patients had

  • great patience while waiting in a long line to see the

  • doctor the patients had patience while waiting

  • in line to see the doctor give it a try people are going to notice the

  • difference if you found this helpful please share us with a friend and give

  • us a like check out our products on google play

  • itunes teachers paid teachers and all of our class options at tarle

  • speech thanks everyone have a great

hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech with your two for tuesday


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How to Pronounce PATIENTS & PATIENCE - American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson

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