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  • researchers have confirmed that the Oxford AstraZeneca Covic vaccine is safe and effective, giving good protection.


  • The paper, assessed by independent scientists, sets out full results from advanced trials of over 20,000 people.


  • On It's been published in The Lancet journal.


  • Regulators who will have seen the same data are considering the jab for emergency use.


  • Our health reporter, Philip Iraq's B is here with me now and just explain then, Philip, why this is a significant development in the whole story of the Oxford vaccine.

    健康レポーターのフィリップ・イラクのBさんが来てくれました なぜこれがオックスフォード・ワクチンの話の中で 重要な進展なのか説明してください

  • Yeah, I mean, we heard a bit last month about some of the recent data from the phase three trials of this Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine on now they've actually been published to the full data has been made available to us and it confirms what what We knew that this this vaccine is safe and effective.


  • It protects against illness, and 70% of people on day were no hospitalizations or severe disease from covert 19.


  • So this backs up what we thought we knew, and this is important to the UK because the UK has ordered 100 million doses of this vaccine Ondas hoping it's going to get through the approval process quite quickly in the coming weeks.


  • All this data is with the UK regulator right now.


  • The H R E.

    H R E.

  • On they will be analyzing it very carefully.


  • There's a couple of things we didn't know, which is that most of the participants in this big study of 23,000 people were under the age of 55.


  • So the moment they don't have quite enough data to say how well it works in older age groups.


  • But that's something they'll be able to build up over time.


  • But they do know that the immune response in older age groups did look to be good in earlier stages of the trial, so they're quite confident that it will work well in older age groups.


  • There's also a hint that this vaccine could reduce transmission off the disease, and that's something that was hinted before, and it's potentially again appears in this data.


  • But it's still too early to say for definite.


  • They also don't yet know how long the protection from this vaccine will last four, but that's something they can analyze over time.


  • Is there any idea yet how long it will take before we get full regulation, then off the Oxford vaccine.


  • We hope it's going to be in the coming weeks.


  • The Oxford researchers said today that they hope it will be soon before Christmas on, of course, that will add Thio, the fighter vaccine which is already being rolled out today, and give the U.


  • K.


  • And most of the world a choice of vaccines, which is only going to help end the pandemic in the long run.


  • Philippa, Thank you very much indeed.


  • Thanks.


researchers have confirmed that the Oxford AstraZeneca Covic vaccine is safe and effective, giving good protection.



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A2 初級 日本語 ワクチン オックスフォード データ 高齢 試験 効果

オックスフォード/アストラゼネカ社のコビドワクチン「安全で効果的」との研究結果 - BBC ニュース (Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine 'safe and effective', study shows - BBC News)

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