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  • welcome to watch Mojo, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 entrances to the underworld on Earth.

    モジョを見るためにようこそ 今日はカウントダウンします 地球上の裏社会へのトップ10の入り口のために 選んだものを紹介します

  • You can visit on the way there they will be able to see the beauty of the island that they will be on for the next three days.


  • Heckler was first climbed in 17.


  • 50.


  • Has bean attraction to travelers and scientists ever since.


  • But still on that.


  • No tourists gather.


  • Unaware for this list will be going over the physical locations in the real world said to connect to the underworld or other similar or related worlds following physical death of various mythologies.


  • If you think another entrance to the underworld deserved a spot on our list, condemn us in the comments below Number 10 River Akron, Greece.

    もしあなたが裏社会への別の入り口が私たちのリストのスポットに値すると思うならば、下のコメントで私たちを非難してください ナンバー10川アクロン、ギリシャ。

  • Located in the appearance region of northwestern Greece, the River Axiron flows into the Ionian Sea and is a rather short 32 miles long.


  • According to the ancient Greeks and Romans, however, a Koran was one of five rivers of the underworld, with some myths connecting it to Haiti's or Tartarus.


  • Although known is the river of woe, some legends claim it was capable of cleansing or healing those within it.


  • Still others personified the river, recounting that Akron was son of the Sun God Helios, who was transformed into a river after giving water to the titans.


  • Well, the river cleanse you or come toe life.


  • There's only one way to find out.


  • Number nine Mount Osoria, Japan.

    ナンバーナイン オソリア山

  • Mount Yasur refers to both the Buddhist temple and the active volcano upon which it resides.


  • While it may not have erupted for 10,000 years, it's smoky.


  • Volcanic activity has long lead locals to associate it with the underworld, according to folk legends mediums that the Templar said to be able to contact the souls of the dead.


  • Not only that, but a nearby Brooke is said to connect to the some zoo river, a mythical river in the Japanese Buddhist afterlife.


  • If connecting with the other side isn't your cup of tea, though, there's always the hot spring Resort.


  • Number eight Mt.


  • Hecla, Iceland.


  • Iceland is a very volcanically active country, and one of its most vocal volcanoes is Mount Hecla.


  • Its first historically recorded eruption was in 11 04 and it covered nearly half of the country and debris.


  • This explosive event led observers to refer to the mountain as a gateway to hell heckler was first climbed in 17 50 has Bean an attraction to travelers and scientists ever since the mountains grim reputation persisted for centuries, with some even mistaking birds.

    この爆発的なイベントは、オブザーバーが地獄ヘックラーへのゲートウェイとして山を参照してくださいにつながった最初の17 50に登っているビーンは、旅行者や科学者に魅力を持っている以来、山の厳しい評判は、いくつかのも鳥を間違えて何世紀にもわたって持続した。

  • Senior hecklers fires later on as the souls of the dead, despite or perhaps because of its connection with the land of the damned, Mountain Hecla remains a popular hiking destination.


  • Number seven Lake governess, Italy, Located near the filigree in fields, a large caldera in southwestern Italy like governess, is a volcanic crater lake.


  • The Romans, in addition to building temples, bath houses and even a naval base in the area also believed of Ernest was an entrance to the underworld in legends about figures such as India's and Odysseus.


  • Haiti's could be accessed via portals in and around the lake.


  • Some Roman writers, even used governess is another word for the underworld itself.


  • And when a lake is synonymous with the land of the dead, well, that's one spooky body of water.


  • Number six.


  • The gates of Guinea, Louisiana Yusa.


  • According to voodoo beliefs, guinea is the place where the souls of the dead reside before reuniting with their forebears.


  • and is overseen by Loa Baron Sam Z.


  • In truth, the gates and their location are a secret, and it isn't even truly known if they're real or imagined.


  • Though many claim they exist, Guinea is said to be accessed through seven gates, which some practitioners claim are all located in the city of New Orleans, specifically near Canal Street in the French Quarter.


  • The gates are reportedly found in seven local cemeteries.


  • In order to open the gates, they must be visited in a specific order, and specific offerings must be given to each guardian.


  • Failed to complete the ritual properly, and the spirits will drag you back to the land of the dead with them.

    儀式を適切に完了できなかった 霊はあなたを引きずって 死者の国に連れ戻すでしょう

  • Number five ST Patrick's Purgatory, Ireland Although it sounds like a euphemism for a hangover on March 18th, ST Patrick's Purgatory is actually a pilgrimage destination on Station Island in Ireland.

    第5位 ST Patrick's Purgatory, Ireland 3月18日の二日酔いの婉曲表現のように聞こえますが、実はST Patrick's Purgatoryはアイルランドのステーションアイランドにある巡礼地なのです。

  • The original destination of the pilgrimage was a cave or a cellar, through which it is said that purgatory could be entered on the way there, they will be able to see the beauty of the island that they will be on for the next three days.


  • It was supposedly revealed to ST Patrick by God, to show Doubters how good heaven is and how terrible hell is by demonstrating the afterlife in between the two.


  • The cave itself has been closed off since the 17th century, but pilgrimages have continued to the present day.


  • Number four House could Castle, Czech Republic This Gothic castle is located just outside of Prague in the Czech Republic.

    チェコ共和国 プラハの郊外にあるゴシック様式のお城。

  • According to Legend, how school was constructed atop a gateway to hell.


  • It's Chapel in particular, is said to reside directly above the entrance way.


  • Have ah, prominent writer who stayed here during the end of the 18 hundreds and reported much like many of the myths, say that he saw winged black creatures flying around this courtyard way stand right now.


  • Proponents of this belief cite the fact that how school was built without fortifications or a water source and did not reside near any trade routes.


  • Instead, its purpose was to stop demons from escaping the pit beneath the castle that does admittedly sound rather suspicious.


  • Onda, story is, is that this pit is a gateway to hell, and the reason they built the castle was to keep evil demons and demonic spirits from coming out of the pit into the surrounding land.


  • Of course, others argue that it simply served an administrative purpose.


  • Now we're in the lower portion of the castle.


  • This has been nicknamed Satan's office.


  • Either way, the legend has long drawn occult enthusiast Housego and droves.


  • Number three plutonium at High Rapolas Turkey.


  • A plutonium is a term for a place of worship for the Greco Roman god of the underworld plu toe previously called Hey AIDS, sometimes called Pluto's Gate.


  • The plutonium at high Rapolas, found in modern day Denizli Province in Turkey, is a small chamber.


  • These ruins in southwest Turkey were once an elaborate temple built around a cave, people believe leads straight down into the depths of hell.


  • What connects it to pollute Oh, is that it is located atop a cave that admits carbon dioxide, which would suffocate anything that stayed too long within leading locals to attribute their deaths to plateau himself.


  • Animals were often sacrificed in this manner, and priests would perform miracles by entering the religious site by holding their breath or finding pockets of oxygen.


  • Number two Fengdu, Ghost City, China, Situated on the banks of the Yangtze River, Fengdu Ghost city has been around for about 2000 years.

    第2位 中国 幽霊都市・風都 揚子江のほとりに位置する風都幽霊都市は、約2000年前から存在しています。

  • According to legend.


  • It was founded by two officials in Chiang Shang and Wine.


  • Fangping, who practiced Dow, is, um to such a degree that they became immortal.


  • When Yin and Wang are combined, it means King of Hell.


  • Fengdu also features in many classic Chinese legends like Journey to the West.


  • Much of its architecture and statues refer to the underworld, and there are even several representation of the Chinese belief that the dead must pass three tests before they can enter the afterlife.


  • Today, the city is a major tourist attraction.


  • There are actually actors there to play the role of the legendary demons who guard the bridge before we unveil our spookiest number one pick.


  • Here are a few honorable mentions.


  • Seven Gates of Hell Pennsylvania Use a.


  • Several myths claim gates to hell can be found throughout Helen Township, Cape Mattapan Cave, Greece.


  • Located near ruined spartan temples, this cave is said to lead to Haiti's AC tune tunic in McNall Cave.


  • Billy's.


  • This supposed entrance to the Mayan underworld contain a calcified skeleton attuned to Mitchell.


  • McConnell is certainly a very special place to me.


  • I was the first archaeologist to visit that cave.


  • Their portals to the underworld were important.


  • Gods resided Mount Etna, Italy.


  • A nearby spring is said to lead to the underworld, but still on Etna.


  • Tourists gather unaware.


  • Right now we are by 9000 ft above the sea level.


  • The highest you can get when you come to lower that that Candelaria caves.


  • Guatemala Thes gorgeous caves were another entrance to the Mayan afterlife.

    グアテマラ これらの豪華な洞窟は、マヤの死後の世界へのもう一つの入り口でした。

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  • Number one Caves of the Sibyl, Italy.

    第1位 イタリア・シビルの洞窟

  • The command civil was a Greco Roman priest s devoted to Apollo.


  • The Oracle was actually said to reside near Come I agree.

    予言者は実際にカムの近くに住んでいると言われていました 私は同意します。

  • Colony close to modern Naples, though on alternate location at by has also been suggested.


  • In addition to having the gift of prophecy, the Sibyl was also said to be a guide to the underworld.


  • Her labyrinth Ein cave was described as having 100 entrances with one leading to the afterlife.


  • The rial cave doesn't have that many ways to get in, though it is quite a distinctive site that will evoke plenty of awe and mystery.


  • It's certainly one worthy of the legend.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


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welcome to watch Mojo, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 entrances to the underworld on Earth.

モジョを見るためにようこそ 今日はカウントダウンします 地球上の裏社会へのトップ10の入り口のために 選んだものを紹介します


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