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  • I'm curious because when you first started out and you did Shaun of the dead and I understand this because my people ah are descended from Ireland, I'm on Irish.

  • So I understand what is called in the U.

  • K.

  • The tall poppy syndrome, where it's something that's in British culture, where if someone's had a lot of success, people feel the need to chop him down when you first hit with Shaun of the Dead.

  • Um, not long afterwards, there were people in the UK who had the sentiment, Simon pegs growing too big too fast.

  • Is that true?

  • Well, I was I was aware that that might, because Shawn was a was a hit way received a certain amount of attention.

  • I was anticipating this being the case.

  • So in an interview, I think probably the Sun newspaper and they they accusingly said, Oh, you're going to go off and go toe Hollywood now Aren't you like that?

  • I'm sort of treasonous criminal act, you know, like I would cross some misty bridge at night, never come home again on I said, quite e mean just off the cuff.

  • I just said, I'm not going to just leave and being, I don't know, Mission Impossible three, which was a film which didn't exist at that time.

  • It was just mission Impossible two.

  • And then about a month later, JJ Abrams called and said, Hey, you wanna be the mission Impossible three.

  • And I said yes, I dio my plane ticket on Duh!

  • And that happened as well.

  • With what else did it happen with?

  • There was another thing that I will probably Star Trek because I know that you're a big sigh.

  • I mean, you've had this you've had this run of and I just this because I've interviewed you a bunch and I'm I'm familiar with, uh, with your pred elections not all of them.

  • But you really do when you idolized Star Trek, and then suddenly you're in Star Trek.

  • Its's go ahead there in space.

  • This is this is what it was.

  • The Adeline are sitcom space, which is where we sort of began.

  • There was a line from my character about the notion of certainty on the line was a sure as eggs is eggs assures every odd numbered Star Trek movie is shit and then you come forward like maybe 15 years and I'm writing Star Trek 13.

  • It was a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • I do feel I do feel that in a previous lifetime on Not that you don't deserve success because you certainly dio.

  • But in a previous lifetime you did something very heroic and wonderful because it feels to me that you're constantly working on projects or being able to join projects that you would have been huge, a huge fan off.

  • You'd have been in line to see that Star Trek movie you'd have been in in line to see Mission.

  • Impossible if you weren't in the absolutely It's a beautiful, True and It's very strange night.

  • It's a lovely thing, and I've I've never not blown away by that sort of circularity of the stuff that I enjoyed as a kid.

  • The you know, whether it be the films of Spielberg, who I ended up working with, or being into something like Star Wars or Star Trek and I, and getting to participate in that it's been a real tree, you know, I'm here now on the you know we're making mission Impossible seven and or not.

  • It's not called that I don't know what it's called yet but it's certainly not mission.

  • Impossible seven.

  • Sorry.

  • Um, but we're here doing that, and it's very much license, Lloyd.

  • But behind you, you can't see this, But lawyers air closing in on you, Don Cruz is just like this with a gun.

  • Just just a little red dot on your head and then down.

I'm curious because when you first started out and you did Shaun of the dead and I understand this because my people ah are descended from Ireland, I'm on Irish.


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