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  • From the Wachowski Brothers, err-- siblings comes the mind-blowing sci-fi game-changer

  • and the two sequels that took a huge steaming dump on it.

  • The Matrix.

  • And it’s sequels.

  • Prepare for the most original sci-fi franchise since Star Wars

  • that ultimately went all Jar Jar Binks on itself.

  • Kinda like Star Wars.

  • Relive all the awesome moments you loved from the first film.

  • That one sequence you liked from the second.

  • And absolutely nothing from the third.

  • "Sh*t."

  • Jack in to The Matrix, a virtual reality simulation of the late 90’s, full of flip phones

  • Payphones

  • MiniDiscs

  • Outfits straight out of a Marilyn Manson video.

  • And AOL screennames.

  • This is Apoc,

  • Switch,

  • and Cypher.

  • Tank,

  • and his big brother Dozer.”

  • "You've got mail!"

  • Watch as one hacker named Neo, which is an anagram for one, becomesThe Onewho

  • can only make one facial expression.

  • But he’s not alone.

  • Meet Trinity, the love of Neo’s life

  • and Morpheus, the...other love of Neo’s life.

  • "What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. It is this feeling that has brought

  • you to me."

  • "You are the one, Neo. I've spent my entire life looking for you."

  • "Try and relax. This will feel a little weird."

  • "He is the one."

  • Get a room, you two.

  • Together, theyll face off against Agent Smith, a villain so cool...

  • they just copied him a bunch of times instead of coming up with another cool bad guy.

  • Watch as these two battle in this awesomely choreographed kung-fu fight

  • Then in this CGI bullshit

  • And then in this Dragonball Z ripoff.

  • Kamehame-nah!

  • Journey to the Matrix, a world of limitless possibilities, that had audiences questioning

  • their own existence.

  • And then journey to Zion, a world of...sweaty cave ravers? Really?

  • Were gonna spend half of this trilogy here? Ugh, can we just watch some bullet time again?

  • Nice.

  • So settle in for a film that spawned a thousand imitators...

  • From it’s effects

  • To its tone

  • To its wardrobe

  • To its own sequels.

  • And prepare for the thinking man’s action franchise, that got stuck way too far up it’s

  • own ass by the end of part two.

  • While this answer functioned, it was obviously fundamentally flawed, thus creating the otherwise

  • contradictory systemic anomaly, that, if left unchecked, might threaten the system itself.

  • Ergo, those--"

  • I have no idea what he's talking about. Is it too late for me to take the blue pill?

  • Starring...

  • Kung-Fu Jesus

  • Female Keanu Reeves

  • Lawrence and the Machine

  • White Chicks

  • The Boreacle

  • Where It All Went Wrong

  • Jaden’s Mom

  • The Last Spoonbender

  • Mr. Ambien

  • Mormons

  • Squidward

  • and Monica Bellucci

  • Hah, just kidding. Boobs.

  • The Matrix. And its sequels.

  • You know its a bad sign when your video game and direct-to-DVD cartoon are better than

  • your movies.

  • Click on the box to the left for the Screen Junkies Show One Year Extravaganza featuring

  • Cinema Sins,

  • How It Should Have Ended,

  • The Nostalgia Critic,

  • and many more!

From the Wachowski Brothers, err-- siblings comes the mind-blowing sci-fi game-changer


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