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  • when you look at the numbers, he really doesn't deserve to be in thought of as an elite quarterback and because he's on such a bad team.

    数字を見ると、彼は本当にエリート クォーターバックとして考えられるに値しないし、彼はこのような悪いチームにいるので。

  • Until the last couple weeks, we really weren't thinking about him much.


  • And if you dug into the numbers that maybe he's not, actually, maybe his reputation and the way we feel about him really outstrips his performance.

    彼はそうではないかもしれないという数字を 掘り下げてみると 実際には彼の評判や私たちの彼に対する 感じ方が 彼のパフォーマンスを上回っているのかもしれません

  • Uh huh.


  • This is the second consecutive week where you look at him and go.


  • How do you play quarterback?


  • Better than that, That's is, this is well, as you can play the position.


  • And when a guy like that Shawn Watson, who you know because lots of guys give you that feeling.


  • I want him with the game on the line, right?


  • But when a guy like that who gives you that feeling with his pedigree starts to put together games like he's put together, especially for a bad team, especially for for a team that took a step in the wrong direction and had to get rid of the guy responsible.


  • When he starts doing that, it takes away all the excuses and it solidifies his status as we always have to say other than Patrick Mahomes, you got to say, other than Patrick Mahomes, because he's in a different stratosphere.


  • The only guy I have ever seen comparable to Mahomes is Aaron Rodgers in his prime.


  • But we have to say Stephen A, at this moment, Sean Watson's second best quarterback in the A F.

    しかし、スティーブン・A、現時点ではショーン・ワトソンのA Fに次ぐクォーターバックと言わざるを得ない。

  • C.


  • Well, I'm not.


  • I'm not going to disagree with you there.


  • What I will say to you is that that's not the story that I walked away focused on the story that I walked away focused on Max Kellerman.


  • Is that match Patricia somebody that needs to lose his job.


  • He's got to go when you high when you fire Jim Caldwell.


  • And we talked about this yesterday, Max.


  • So I know you agree when you talk about Jim Caldwell going 36 28 4 seasons in the Detroit Lions organization as his head coach.

    ジム・コールドウェルがデトロイト・ライオンズのヘッドコーチとして36 28 4シーズンを過ごしたことについて話すとき、あなたが同意していることは知っています。

  • Two times he took them to the postseason and you get rid of him after nine and seven season.


  • Mike Greenberg greeny on get up this morning, pointing out very salient fact that I think needs to be, uh, echoed Matt.


  • Patricia could win the next 24 games straight and still would have more losses.


  • Then Jim Caldwell did as head coach of the Detroit Lines.

    ジム・コールドウェルは デトロイト線のヘッドコーチを務めた

  • Let's let's let's let's repeat that, cause that's worth repeating.


  • Matt Patricia could win 24 straight games and still have a worst winning percentage and have more losses.


  • Then Jim Caldwell did in this four years as head coach.


  • Other Detroit Lions.


  • But this man still kept his job.


  • You see, when we talk about social justice issues and we talked about people being in the streets and complaining and going off, it wasn't as I reiterated this point, I'm very serious about this.

    社会正義の問題について話していて 人々が路上で文句を言って暴れているという話をした時に 私がこの点を再確認したように 私はとても真剣に取り組んでいるということではありませんでした

  • It wasn't just about George Floyd having a knee on his neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds.


  • It's about the fact that for on far too many occasions, particularly in corporate America, black folks have felt like we've had a knee on our neck for quite sometimes figuratively speaking, of course, and when you look at how Jim Cardwell was unceremoniously dismissed and let go.

    あまりにも多くの機会に 特にアメリカの企業では 黒人は首をひざまづいているように 感じてきました もちろん比喩的に言えば ジム・カードウェルが不当に解雇されて 解放されたのを見るとね

  • But you see the patients that's exercised for somebody like a Matt Patricia, who may be smart, like Rob Ninkovich said earlier, who made it was a capable defensive coordinator champion is a defensive coordinator and all of this stuff, but clearly in act as a head coach and one year after another, the level of patience is given to him.

    しかし、あなたは誰かのために行使されている患者を参照してくださいマット パトリシアのようなスマートかもしれない、ロブ ・ ニンコビッチが以前言ったように、それを作った人は有能なディフェンシブ コーディネーター チャンピオンはディフェンシブ コーディネーターとこのようなもののすべてであるが、明らかにヘッド コーチとしての行為で、1 年後に別の、忍耐のレベルが彼に与えられています。

  • That just doesn't come our way.


  • That's where problems are created.


  • And when you engage in a meritocracy and it's true purest form and you hold people accountable for doing their job or lack thereof, then you have a better society because we understand that the rules are fair.


  • And Matt Patricia, that's not the case.


  • I feel sorry for him and his family.


  • I'm not trying to be disrespectful.


  • I'm not trying to say he doesn't deserve to be a coach in the NFL, but he does not deserve to be a head coach, particularly for these Detroit Lions.


  • They are not a good team.


  • They have talent, but they are not well coached.


  • They haven't been well coached.


  • They were three and three before losing four.


  • Their last five or so They got a decent went over Arizona.


  • The other three victories, I think, came against Jacksonville, the Washington football team, and I forgot what other non winning team it waas.


  • This man has not been impressive but continues to be employed.


  • He should be gone because he's had ample enough opportunities improved that he's worthy and he hasn't done it.


  • Max.


  • I think there's a larger issue there.


  • I mean, look, I think the Shawn Watson is the story because the Sean watch like I agree with you about all this.


  • I thought there's going into the game to Shawn Watson reestablished himself.


  • I think firmly, if you talk about quarterbacks in football, let's just take the A F c Other than Mahomes, he's the guy.


  • He's the guy.


  • It's a shame that his team has been mismanaged the way it has been, and they've relied so heavily upon him that he keeps them respectable in spite of bad decisions made about him.


  • But in terms to address the point that you just brought up, it reminds me a little bit of the Panthers.


  • In this sense.


  • In both cases, Ron Rivera, not African American but considered broadly a minority head coach.


  • If you move on from a head coach that is highly competent and winning but you feel is not quite good enough to get you to a Super Bowl or you're looking for more Rivera was usually like a lot of times in the playoffs winning seasons got to a Super Bowl, but the Panthers looked at him and Cam and said, We think we could do better than that.


  • We're gonna tear it down to get even better.


  • And then you bring in a head coach, which is not a minority higher, especially.


  • And in fact, you go backwards like the point is, when you make that decision, you make sure that you're actually in swinging for the fences, going to move things forward.


  • Otherwise, people will rightly say what happened.


  • We were pretty good, and now we stink.


  • Same thing with the Lions.


  • The Lions had a head coach, was African American two out of four seasons, made the playoffs, averaged nine wins this season.


  • Thought they could do better and have done much, much worse.


  • And the fact that it was a no African American American head coach let go and a white head coach brought in in this league where African American representation in that position so low makes it look even worse.


  • Well, listen, I'm not disagreeing with any of your points.


  • All I'm saying is that if you're talking to me about the Shawn Watson.


  • I'm down with it.


  • All I'm saying is yesterday ain't some prime example because of who he was going against the Detroit lines on the 25th ranked team against the rush, 26th against the past 27th in yards allowed, and 30th, the third worst defense in the entire National Football League.


  • Matt Patricia signature is defense.


  • He's not getting it done, period.


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when you look at the numbers, he really doesn't deserve to be in thought of as an elite quarterback and because he's on such a bad team.

数字を見ると、彼は本当にエリート クォーターバックとして考えられるに値しないし、彼はこのような悪いチームにいるので。


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