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  • Earth is covered with a lot of dangerous places and have made a few videos about some of them before.


  • However, there may not be a location on the planet that would kill you quicker than this tiny island off the coast of Brazil will.


  • And it's called L.


  • A Dick Yamada grandeur or better known as Snake Island.


  • So the danger is pretty obvious.


  • Snake Island is, to the surprise of no one covered in snakes, and the Brazilian government has made it illegal for anybody to visit without a strict authorization.


  • This is because the snakes that cover the island are both an endangered species and extremely venomous.


  • So any idiot that visits has the potential to both eradicate an entire species and or die within two minutes of setting foot.


  • The only people allowed in our occasional visits by the Brazilian navy and carefully selected scientists who were hand picked and vetted by the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment.


  • That being said, though, what would happen if you were mysteriously teleported from where you are right now on to the island.


  • How could you survive?


  • And what would your experience there be like?


  • For starters, Three Island is located 33 kilometers off the coast of Brazil, so swimming back to safety isn't exactly an option.


  • The island is also very tiny.


  • It's about 430,000 square meters, an area which is almost identical in size to Vatican City, the world's smallest country.


  • Unlike Vatican City, though, which has 2.3 Popes per square mile, Snake Island has zero Popes but hordes and hordes of snakes.


  • The species that inhabits the island is the golden lance head hit Viper, which is both bad ass sounding and extremely dangerous.


  • They're considered endangered because they only exist on this island.


  • A long time ago, Snake Island was connected to the Brazilian mainland, but rising sea levels transformed it into an island and trap the snakes there forever.


  • The island became its own separate universe for the snakes who were forced to adapt to the circumstances.


  • There were and are no mammals that exist on the island, save for the occasional unlucky human who washes up the snakes had no possible prey except for the occasional seabird that landed in the trees.


  • And so the snakes put all of their experience points into venom and developed one that was so potent it could kill or paralyze the birds within moments of a bite.

    そうしてヘビは経験点を全て毒にして 噛まれた瞬間に鳥を殺すか 麻痺させることができるほど強力なものを開発しました

  • The snakes had to become aggressive and immediately kill the birds as they landed because that became their only source of food.


  • And thousands of years later, that's still the reality because humans and researcher so rarely visit the island.


  • We don't exactly know how many snakes exist there, nor exactly how bad a bite from one of them could be.


  • However, we do have some educated guesses.


  • Some estimates on the sides of the Viper population go as high as 433 1000 which is insane.

    バイパーの側のいくつかの推計では、433 1000という非常識な高さに行きます。

  • That would be roughly one snake for every square meter, and these aren't tiny little garden snakes.


  • Either.


  • They grow upto half a meter long, and if that's the case, no matter where you go on the island, you're probably nevermore than a meter away from a big ass slavery venom E boy.

    体長は半メートルにまで成長する もしそうなら 島のどこに行っても 1メートルも離れていないだろう 大ケツの奴隷毒E少年からな

  • However, other researchers guesstimating that there may be more like 4000 bikers on the island, but that would still be a ton.


  • That's like one every six square yards or so across the island, on average, no matter what, you're going to run into snakes while you're stranded on this island.

    島全体では6平方ヤードに1匹だ 平均的には何があっても この島で足止めされている間に ヘビに遭遇することになるだろう

  • So how bad is their bite?


  • Since we don't have any confirmed data on a human getting bit by one yet, we have to rely on some assumptions.


  • We know that bites from regular lance had snakes in mainland Brazil carry a 7% risk of death if the bite goes untreated and a 3% risk even if it is treated.


  • However, we do also know that a chemical analysis of a Snake Island vipers revealed that their venom is five times more potent than that their mainland cousins.


  • Based on that, my random ass ballpark number is that you could expect a 35% chance of death if you ever get bitten by one since you're stranded on the island and there's no way that you're getting treated in time.


  • Their venom is Hema toxic, which eats away at the flesh and tissue, so symptoms after a bite probably will include swelling, nausea, slash vomiting, intestinal bleeding kidney failure, brain hemorrhages and your flesh around the bite literally to solving.


  • So where can you go on the island to avoid the snakes?


  • There aren't any beaches.


  • They're all just rocky cliffs.


  • So that's probably not a very good idea.


  • The central part of the island is covered in a small rainforest, which is where most of the snakes live.


  • So yeah, probably best to avoid that as well.


  • The rest of the island is covered in open grassland and exposed rocks, so those areas may be better.


  • But your only options for food are basically trying to catch the birds before the snakes get to them.


  • Trying to use something for fishing on the stony cliffs or trying toe actually hunt the snakes themselves, which are all pretty insane choices.


  • Your best chance of shelter and probably getting rescued would be inside of this lighthouse, which is the only structure on the island.


  • It is functional, but it's also completely automated, so it has no human crew.


  • It's only occasionally checked up on by the Brazilian navy, so who knows how long you have to wait, Therefore, and who even knows what the door inside would be unlocked.


  • Most likely you're gonna be stuck outside, and food would be the least of your concerns, at least to begin with.


  • The only source of water on the island will be whenever it rains, so you better hope it does soon.


  • Of all the islands in all the world to find yourself stranded on Snake Island in the Atlantic is probably the worst of them.


  • Now, while you're stranded on Snake Island, you'll probably have a difficult time accessing the Internet from your phone.


  • But when you get rescued, you'll want to double check that your accounts are all still secure.


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this video was made possible by Dash Lane.



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