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  • One of Singapore's national dish is high nannies, Chicken rice.


  • It's so popular in Singapore that you can find a chicken rice shop in almost every foot card.


  • Okay, right.


  • Find something that was on so one thing that, uh, looking why did And I think that both e thio uh, and every single party in has go to favorite the best chicken rises that issue because of G rocks.

    その上にあった何かを見つけることができますので、1つのことは、ええと、なぜ探していました そして、私は両方のeチオええと、すべての単一のパーティーでお気に入りに行くことがあると思います最高のチキンは、G岩のためにその問題を上昇します。

  • How you can rise.


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  • I love monkey that chicken is the best.


  • But when most people hear high nannies chicken rise, they don't think of Singapore.


  • They think of this place Hainan, an island off the southern coast of China.


  • Hainan, located by the sea, is the Onley tropical island province of China.


  • But if you go to Hainan, you won't be able to find Hainan Chicken rice.


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    ブース・ハイランドは31 21の下で時間を想定している

  • Thank you.


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    あなたがちょうどあなたがより多くの楽しみのような機能を見つけるように、ハードの資金を持っていることを別のP e uhを叫ぶジオの下で時間。

  • So how did this dish called Hainan Chicken rice end up in Singapore idea, Chinese people started migrating to Singapore, then a British colony in the middle of the 19th century, for better opportunities.


  • Many of them came from southern China because of his close proximity to Singapore.


  • Hainan was one of the places that send people there.


  • But because many high ninnies migrants were illiterate, lack skills and specialized jobs and also came later than other Chinese groups like the Hawk in the to Choose and Cantonese the only drops they could find where it's cooked and servants for wealthy European and Chinese families.


  • The cooks eventually branched out and opened their own coffee stalls and restaurants.


  • Many of them started selling a dish called wenchong chicken and adapted the recipe to the local palate.


  • They used younger birds with more tender meat and edit line to their chili sauce to give it a tangy edge influenced by Cantonese taste.


  • By the 19 fifties, stalls selling Hainan chicken rice could be found all over Singapore, first of all, to trace the history of a particular dish of food.

    19 50年代になると、海南鶏飯を売る屋台がシンガポールの至る所で見られるようになり、まず、特定の料理の歴史をたどることができるようになりました。

  • Item is an arduous task, right, because history is so, so hazy and there are only a few known records off, like how did additional originate in a particular country was interesting that people at that people innovate people hybrid ICTs and over time, then the practice and act off.


  • Eating and consuming chicken rights becomes a stable.


  • But how did it become Singapore's national dish?


  • It's really about who decides that we should spotlight a particular dish.


  • CNN listed Chicken Rice is one of the top 50 delicious dishes in the world.


  • Big figures in the culinary world, like chef Gordon Ramsay, have also endorsed.


  • Chicken Rice is one of the must haves when one business Singapore promotion and marketing from the tourism board that forms and every New York endorsement.


  • So when Singapore decided to add Hainan Chicken Rice to the UNESCO list off intangible cultural heritage, it could have just been shoot marketing.


  • But regardless, today, Hannah needs chicken.


  • Rice can be found all over the world from New York to London, a dish started by high Denise migrants in Singapore, made iconic by tourists marketing.


uh, how the way media way this'll is.


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