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  • Happy thanksgiving everyone! I wanted to let you  know that today, I'm thankful for you. 2020 has  


  • been a difficult year and making videos here  on YouTube has truly been one of my favorite  


  • things about it. And to say thank you, I wanted  to extend an offer to any of you here on YouTube  

    のことを話しています。そしてお礼を言うために ここYouTubeの皆さんにオファーをしたいと思いました

  • who might be interested in joining me in  my online school, Rachel's English Academy.  

    私のオンラインスクール、Rachel's English Academyに興味のある方は、ぜひご連絡ください。

  • Yes, it's a Black Friday deal, available to  people who've never joined the Academy before.  


  • Use the code THANKSGIVING5 or follow the link  in the video description. This discount will  


  • expire on Monday at midnight, and it gets you your  first month in the Academy for just five dollars,  

    月曜の深夜に有効期限が切れると アカデミーの最初の一ヶ月をたったの5ドルで手に入れることができます。

  • that's 81 off your first month. You can click  this video here to learn more about the Academy,  

    最初の月は81ドル引きになりますアカデミーについて詳しく知りたい方は こちらの動画をクリックしてください

  • in my words, but I also asked my students to  share about their experience in the Academy  


  • in their own words. And several of them madevideo for you. I'm excited that you get to see how  


  • cool these students are and hear what the  students' experience is actually like.  


  • These are people I've gotten to know  through teaching them in the live classes,  


  • or watching their videos and giving them feedback  in the Facebook and community groups that we have  


  • in the Academy. I'm so touched that they took  the time to make these videos, to talk about  

    アカデミーで彼らがこれらのビデオを作るために 時間を割いてくれたことに 感動しました

  • the confidence they've gained, what they've  learned, and the support they've gotten from  


  • our teachers and each other in our private groupsThe first one is Al. She's really active in our  

    私たちの先生と私たちのプライベートなグループでお互いに 一人目はアルです彼女は私たちの

  • Facebook group and she talks about how knowing  the technique is helping her change her habit.


  • Hi guys I'm Al. I'm from Indonesia. So I always  wanted to sound like a native American speaker,  

    みんなこんにちは、私はアルです。インドネシアから来ました。だから私はいつもアメリカのネイティブスピーカーのように 聞こえるようにしたいと思っていました。

  • but I didn't even know how. Whenever I watch US  TV shows or US movies, I always admire Americans.  


  • They speak super fast and very clear. I was  so desperate to sound like them. I found an  


  • accent coach and of course it was very pricey and  I simply couldn't even afford him. I was very sad  

    アクセントコーチはもちろん とても高価で 私は単に彼を買うことさえできませんでしたとても悲しかったです

  • and I didn't even know how and so I imitated  so many Hollywood scenes as many as possible,  


  • and of course imitating so many scenes on movies  or TV shows without knowing the technique was  


  • hard. Like I constantly made mistakes, and nobody  even corrected me until I found this Academy,  

    難しい私はミスばかりしていて このアカデミーを見つけるまで 誰も私を指導してくれませんでした

  • Rachel's English Academy, and I can  say this Academy has been my life saver  


  • and I'm very happy to be here, and the teachers  are so encouraging and very expert. Um,  


  • they can correct my mistakes in the most specific  way, so I could, I can just change my habit,  


  • and of course, it's not easy to  change the habit, I'm so sure that  


  • um it takes time but from time to time, I can see  my improvements and now I can feel so confident  


  • in my English, and I really, really want you to  also feel what I feel when you speak in English.


  • And in this Academy, I get  access to Facebook group.  


  • This group is super powerful. Why? Because  the teachers and friends are super supportive,  


  • and I feel very safe to be myself. I upload my  homework, and I can be vulnerable sometimes, and  

    と、とても安心して自分らしくいられるようになりました。宿題をアップしているのですが 時々弱気になることもありますし

  • I can grow as a person and as an English learnerSo come on, join us, and I'll see you soon!

    人としても英語学習者としても成長できます。 ではでは、一緒に頑張りましょう!また会いましょう

  • I'm so happy that she's feeling confident. That's  really what makes the difference. Next is Kostas,  


  • who actually made this video at work, I love it,  


  • he's an actor who's working on perfecting his  American accent so that he can get more jobs  


  • acting. I got to know him whenworked with him in a live class.


  • Hi guys! How are you! Um, my name is Kostas and  I'm here at work so I hope my boss won't see me.  

    皆さん、こんにちは!お元気ですか?私の名前はコスタスです 職場にいます 上司に見られてないといいんですが

  • I just really wanted to share with you my  experience with Rachel's English Academy.  


  • Yes, that's, that's the reason, and um, yeah, I'm  super excited. Usually I'm not doing things like  


  • that, I'm quite shy, but I really want to share  with you because I, um, I really think it's worth  

    恥ずかしながら、私はとても恥ずかしがり屋なんですが、 でも、あなたと共有したいと思っています。

  • it, and I really think, I really, it really helped  me. And I hope it will help you too if you do the  

    それが私の助けになったのです 本当に、私は本当に、それが私の助けになったと思っていますそして、それがあなたにも役立つことを願っています。

  • right choice, um, like I did. So you know, how can  I start? So you know originally, I'm from Greece.  


  • And now I live in MelbourneAustralia. I came here at 2014,  


  • and the only reason I came here was to become  an actor. And I did. I did became an actor and  

    ここに来た理由は 俳優になるためだったんだそして、私はそうしました。俳優になって

  • very quickly, I realized that one of the  biggest challenges will be to train my accent.  


  • You know, see, back then, I had  a really, really thick accent,  


  • and I remember the head of the drama school was  like 'alright Kostas, we'll have to, you know,  


  • work on that so you can have more opportunities  to gain auditions. So I had two choices.  

    オーディションを受ける機会を 増やせるようにするためにねそこで私は2つの選択肢を持っていました。

  • Maybe had more, but in my head it was two choices.  I could just either learn the Australian accent  

    もっとあったかもしれませんが、私の頭の中では2つの選択肢がありました。 オーストラリアのアクセントを覚えるか

  • or I could just learn the American accent, but you  see, the Australian accent is really difficult for  


  • me, and I always, always, because of the moviesbecause I have so much, so many, so much family in  


  • America, and because I really love American,  I love the language, I love the accent. It's  


  • something in it, I just love it. So I was likeall right I'm going to learn the American accent.  


  • So that's how this journey begun. So I tried to  find private classes. I was like it's going to be  


  • face to face. What I realized was that the private  class is a very, very, very, very expensive.  


  • And that they were so expensive that I could  only afford maybe three a month and that was  


  • not for everyone. And you know, if you're an  actor, you understand like actors, they're not,  


  • we don't, we don't have that you knowso much money, we don't have that, um,  


  • you know, luxury to spend money, whatever we want  and all stuff. So I was like I had to be very  

    贅沢にお金を使って 欲しいものは何でも手に入れることができますだから、私はとても

  • careful. I didn't, my pocket wouldn't allow me to  have more than two classes every four months. So  

    気をつけて私のポケットでは4ヶ月に1度の授業を 2回以上は受けられませんでしただから

  • I was like that's not gonna workthat's not gonna work, a few hours  


  • every three months. So I was like, all right,  I'm gonna have to find something online. So i,  


  • I try to find classes, or you know, videos  or anything on YouTube and then on Google,  


  • I googled some, you know, American accent  classes. And I just I found one, one and a  


  • half. It just didn't work for me and then one day,  I just I stepped upon Rachel's video on YouTube.  


  • And man, it was great. It was great. And I started  training with Rachel's videos for, I think it was  


  • like a month, and then I just saw that you know  she has an online course. You can subscribe for  

    1ヶ月のようなもので 彼女がオンラインコースを持っていることを 知っているのを見ましたのために購読することができます。

  • how much a month, super affordable and then you  know it was Rachel's English Academy. That's  

    月いくらで 超お手頃価格なのに レイチェルの英語アカデミーだったんですねそれは

  • the name. Rachel's English Academy. And I went  online and I subscribed to that. I signed up and  


  • I haven't stopped since then. I haven't stopped  since then and I'm not going to stop. I'm not  

    あれからやめていないし、やめようとも思っていない。それ以来やめていませんし やめようとも思っていません私は

  • going to stop. Because Rachel and her team, they  gave me hope. They gave me hope, and you know,  

    やめようとしています。レイチェルと彼女のチームが 私に希望を与えてくれたからだ彼らは私に希望を与えてくれました。

  • you see back then, I would never dare to try to  do an American accent. It was, I would never dare.  

    当時の私はアメリカ訛りは 敢えてしなかったそれは、私が敢えてしたことではありませんでした。

  • I would, I would, even if I was in a private  room, and I would try to do an American accent,  


  • I would just, sometimes I would cry. I would  just, you know, I would turn into a red apple.  


  • And I would just shut down. I would hear my voice  trying to do an American accent, and I would just  


  • start crying immediately because it would trigger  me that I will never become what I want to become.  


  • I will never be able to compete with all these  Australian actors that so easily can do American  


  • accent. And I would never be equal and it reallyit really hurts, it really hurts, and you know,  


  • when you try so hard, and you just, you don't have  someone to back you up. But when I met Rachel,  

    一生懸命やっても 応援してくれる人がいない時はでも、レイチェルに会ったとき

  • through Rachel's English Academy, I got her  and her team to back me up. And I'm going  

    レイチェルのイングリッシュアカデミーを通して 彼女と彼女のチームに応援してもらいましたそして、私は

  • to start giving you, because, I'm sorry,  I talk too much but just, I'm so excited.  


  • I'm going to give you some. I'm going to try to  give you the most important things why Rachel's  


  • English Academy helped me so much and the last  one, which is my favorite, and it's like a break  


  • deal, a deal breaker for me, I'm gonna leave it at  the end. So what can I say, the way the website is  


  • built, it's easy to navigate, and it you will  never lose, you know, you will never get lost.  


  • The variety of courses, great. You can choose  whatever you want. You don't like this,  


  • you can train with this. You don't like thisyou can train with that. You don't like that,  

    これで鍛えればいいんですあなたはこれが嫌いなら これで訓練してもいいのですあなたはこれが好きではありません。

  • well you're gonna find something else. You don't  like that something else? You're going to find  


  • something else. Something else. There's  no way you can't find something you like.  


  • My favorite is the soundboards. You literally  have thousands and thousands of phrases and  


  • words. You can play it, say it, play it, say itplay it, say it. You can download it, and then you  


  • can just work out and then play it, say it, play  it, say it. It never leaves you. That's the great  


  • thing. And my favorite thing is the Hollywood  one. The Hollywood, we have the Hollywood scenes  

    のようなもの。そして私のお気に入りは ハリウッドのものですハリウッドにはハリウッドのシーンがあります

  • where you can see the scene, and then there's  subtitles, and then you can learn to play it, say  


  • it those phrases from the Hollywood scene. And  then you hear how a natural and real American,  


  • I mean a real American. You know, if it's an  action, like the way they talk you know faster  


  • or slower or whatever, it's great. It's  just great. And for me as an actor I can  


  • find some great scenes there as well. The other  thing, it's the Facebook group. It's an amazing  


  • community of people like me where we helping  each other. And then here's the great thing,  

    私のような人たちのコミュニティで お互いに助け合っていますそしてここに素晴らしいものがあります

  • you put a video on, whatever you want, and then  a teacher will give you live feedback. How great  


  • is that? All in the same price, no extra cost.  I love that. I love that. And then because it's  

    ということでしょうか?すべて同じ値段で、余分な費用がかからない。 私はそれが大好きです。私はそれが大好きなんですそして、それは、それが

  • already pretty much seven minutes video, I'm going  to give you the best one. Those people, Rachel  


  • and her team, they are real people. I spoke to Rachel  through a live, one of her live classes she does,  

    と彼女のチーム、彼らは本物の人間です。私はライブを通して レイチェルと話しました 彼女が行うライブクラスの一つです

  • and it was like I spoke to someone I already knew  for years and years and years. And I don't know  

    何年も何年も何年も前から知っている人と 話しているような感じでしたそして、私は知らない

  • Rachel, I know her through the video. She made me  feel like family. She's real, and her people, and  


  • her team are real. And that is important. I didn't  feel like teacher and student. I feel like a  


  • friend towards another friend. She's professional  and family at the same time. And I never felt this  

    友人は別の友人に向かって彼女はプロであると同時に 家族でもありますそして、私はこれを感じたことはありませんでした。

  • before. And that's the main reason I'm not gonna  leave them. Because not just I can walk in the  


  • room and be 'I'm here!' and I'm gonna pick up  a script, and I'm gonna do American accent. I  

    部屋で「ここにいるよ!」と言って 台本を手にして アメリカ訛りをするんだI

  • know the tools, I know what to work at. I can  hear my mistake, and I can correct it. That's  


  • great. And the more I work hard, keep working  hard, what Rachel keeps saying I'll become,  


  • I'll nail it one day. One day I'll just nail itand I'm so close to it. I know I'm now close. And  

    いつかは釘を刺すいつか私はそれに釘を刺すでしょう 私はそれにとても近づいていますもうすぐだと知っていますそして

  • you know, that confidence, it comes from Rachel  and her team. So if you're serious with your work  

    その自信は レイチェルと彼女のチームからのものですだから、もしあなたが仕事に真剣に取り組んでいるなら

  • man, if you're serious that you want to really  learn and you're serious, join. And you know,  


  • I'll see you in at the Facebook group. Andcan't wait to learn from you, and you maybe learn  


  • from me, and we're all going to learn from the  teachers and Rachel. You know, all right, thank  

    私からも先生方やレイチェルからも学びますYou know, all right, thank

  • you so much. I already spoke too much. I couldif I could keep talking, I would keep talking.  


  • Rachel and your team, I know you guys hear meThank you so much. Thank you for your hard work.  

    レイチェルとチームの皆さん、私の話を聞いてくれているのは分かっています。 本当にありがとうございます。お疲れ様でした。

  • Thanks for everything you're doing. All right  I think I got an order, you know, actor's life.  


  • I need to go and make a hamburger. All rightthank you so much, guys. Bye-bye. Bye-bye, guys.


  • Wonderful! Thank you, Kostasso much for making that.


  • This is Ella. She's from China and she's been  living in Canada. She's been in the Academy for  


  • just a few months, and joined so she could have  more organization and a system for improving.  


  • I love that she learned she had  to go beyond learning concepts  


  • about pronunciation with her mind into her body  learning through imitation to change her habit.


  • Hello, everyone! I'm here to talk about my own  experience with Rachel's English Academy so that  


  • more people can benefit from that as well. My name  is Ella and my native language is Mandarin. I grew  

    より多くの人がその恩恵を受けることができます私の名前はエラです 母国語は北京語です私は

  • up in China, and I've been living in Canada  for more than three years. I know many people  


  • think that if they have been living in a country  for a few years, they are going to be naturally  


  • good in pronunciation, but that's not the caseRight, so I'm trying to make some efforts.

    発音は良いのですが、そうではありません。 そうですね、だから努力しています。

  • So I came across um Rachel's YouTube channelfew months ago, and since then, I found it's a big  


  • treasure. So I enrolled myself into the Academy  in order to learn this in a more systematic way.


  • So I used to spend like 20-30 minutes a day incourse, but recently I try to invest more time,  


  • like two hours because I feel it's  really worth it. It's worth it.  

    2時間のようなものだ 本当に価値があると思うからだそれだけの価値がある

  • So things that I love most about  this Academy is, first, the thing,  


  • it doesn't only teach you the  techniques, the traditional techniques,  


  • and about pronunciation improvementlike vowel, consonant, diphthong,  


  • rhythm, etc. It also changed my mindset  because as someone who likes to approach  


  • new knowledge with logic and analysis, I didn't  realize that imitation is actually the key  


  • to learn pronunciation. Imitation is just  so much more important than I thought.  


  • And also like Rachel said when you try to  imitate someone, don't just use the technique to  


  • talk like him. Try to be him, be him. So yeah  that's really, that's really inspiring for me. And  


  • I also like the big support team from the AcademyLike all the teachers in this team are awesome.  

    アカデミーの大きなサポートチームも好きです。 このチームのすべての先生が素晴らしいです。

  • Every time when I submit my own recording to  the Facebook group, the teacher can always  


  • identify my mistakes, small mistakes  that I could have never realized myself.  


  • And they always give me very clear and  easy to follow instructions to improve.  


  • Rachel also has a regular video  course with random students where she  


  • corrects their pronunciations over the videoThat's also very helpful because um the students  

    ビデオを見ながら発音を修正しています これも非常に助かります。

  • are from all over the world, including China, so  I can easily relate myself to the Chinese students  


  • and see the same mistakes that I have in my in my  own speech as well, in my own speaking as well.  


  • I can talk more about the Academy, but it's  going to be a long video. So if you are someone  


  • who is trying to make a difference in your  English accent, I highly, highly recommend  


  • Rachel's English Academy. You are going to  love it. And also, it's very, very affordable.  


  • Thank you so much for watching, and  I hope this video is going to be  


  • helpful for you. I hope to  see you here soon. Bye-bye.


  • I love her dedication. Our next student  is Shikhar, who is really active in the  


  • Facebook group, and I've been lucky to work  with him in a live class. He's so dedicated  

    フェイスブックのグループで ライブクラスで彼と一緒に仕事をすることができてラッキーでした彼はとても熱心で

  • to his studies and he talks through the  kinds of lessons he uses in the Academy


  • Hello this is Shikhar from India and I'd like to  share my experience with Rachel's English Academy.  


  • Rachel's English has taught me  to look at languages differently.  


  • I've learned that every language has its own  character and melody. And when we start to grasp  


  • this unique character and melody, we're able  to acquire the language with that much ease.  


  • What I've learned in Rachel's English Academy  is different from what I did from our YouTube  


  • channel. It's not just the content, but the toolsinstructions and feedback that you have access to  


  • in the Academy, which takes your training to  the next level. You'll get a lot of ear training  


  • through the unique tool of soundboards where you  listen to and repeat audio clips several times.  


  • This will enhance your ability to catch  sounds which you otherwise couldn't.  


  • We use these soundboards to practice vocabulary  phrases idioms and scripts. And this goes a long  


  • way to boost your conversational skills. We  also have a very supportive online community,  


  • where we exchange tips, strategies, and feedback  with each other. And the personalized feedback  


  • you get from Rachel and her team of instructors  will make sure that you are on the right track  


  • with your training. There are more reasons to  invest in your spoken English. Especially today,  


  • almost 60 percent of all content on the internet  is in English. We have already entered the age of  


  • personal branding and whether we like it or notall of us have become content creators. If there's  

    パーソナルブランディングです 好むと好まざるとに関わらず 私たち全員がコンテンツクリエイターになっていますあるとすれば

  • one skill that's going to have the maximum impact  on all other aspects of your life, it's your  


  • ability to speak effectively. Your listeners can't  take your communication seriously if you don't.  


  • When you choose to speak another language, you  choose to sound different. If you've had enough  

    他の言語を話すことを選んだ時は 違った響きを選びますもしあなたが十分に

  • of speaking English in non-standard patterns and  with a makeshift accent, I would highly recommend  


  • joining the Rachel's English Academy. It  could be game changing for your communication.

    レイチェル・イングリッシュ・アカデミーに 参加してみませんか?あなたのコミュニケーションを変えることができるかもしれません。

  • Shikhar, thank you so much for making that  video. Next is Jane. She's never been to  


  • the US. But she feels like she's getting an  American experience in the Academy, I love that.


  • Hi everyone! How's it going? I'm Jane from Brazil.  


  • I joined Rachel's English Academy a couple  of years ago, and it was a life-changing  


  • decision for me. It helped me improve not only  my pronunciation, but also my listening skills.  


  • I teach Brazilian Portuguese online to foreignersand guess what? Most of my students are American.  


  • During the lessons, many of them are very relaxed  at home or some of them speak really fast,  


  • so when talk, I can see all the concepts that we  learn in the Academy about placement, intonation,  


  • stress, reductions, linking sounds, and learning  all of these helps me speak in a better way and  


  • also understand what they say without asking  them to repeat all the time. So the whole  


  • conversation gets more natural when you have  speaking English because they're beginners.  


  • I think that everything we learn in the Academy is  taught in the most professional way. We can tell  


  • Rachel has an extensive knowledge of the voice  and it makes a huge difference. I've never been  


  • to the USA, so it's a great thing that I can  have this sort of American experience from home,  


  • and I'm very thankful for this opportunity.


  • Thank you, Jane. Next, is Lucas. He lives in  Brazil and he teaches English. That's his job.

    ありがとう ジェーン次は ルーカスですブラジルに住んでいて 英語を教えていますそれが彼の仕事です

  • Hey guys! What's up? I'm Eric. An ESL teacher  from Brazil. So I've been in the Academy since  


  • the get-go. And since I teach the language,  I'm supposed to have a very good pronunciation.  


  • Uh my students deserve the best, and I try to be  the English teacher I didn't have in the past.  


  • I've never had a teacher who  taught me how to speak naturally.  


  • And this is so important when you're  dealing with a language that's not phonetic.  


  • However, I'd say