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字幕表 動画を再生する

  • Can you believe it?

  • We've made 50 of these dumb things!

  • From the guy who made Batman comics cool again

  • and the guy wholl probably make Batman movies suck again

  • comes a film based on a graphic novel

  • based on an older film

  • based on ancient Greek propaganda

  • based on a true story...

  • 300.

  • Before the release of the unnecessary sequel on a boat

  • revisit the movie that made guys everywhere feel really out of shape.

  • Meet the Spartans, a society built on reason,

  • sit ups,

  • and child abuse.

  • Led by Leonidas, cinema’s yelliest king

  • "This is Sparta!"

  • "Spartans!"

  • "No mercy!"

  • "No!"

  • "Regroup!"

  • "Stay on!"

  • "Tonight we dine in hell!"

  • Who hails from the Scottish part of Greece?

  • "We've been sharing our culture with you all morning."

  • Watch as Leonidas and his 300 closest gym buddies stand against the might of Xerxes,

  • a hairless giant with an entire jewelry store on his face

  • and a voice that sounds like he’s in the witness protection program.

  • "I will erase even the memory of Sparta from the histories."

  • Lace up your sandals for a blend of historical truth and Zack Snyder nonsense,

  • mixing

  • real Greek battle formations

  • qith crazy ninja spin moves,

  • real Spartan councils

  • with sexy stripper oracles,

  • and actual Persian fighting units

  • With mutant Persian goat men? Huh?

  • Oil up for the most confusing thing to happen to teenage boys since calculus class,

  • full of homoerotic undertones like

  • Men wearing thongs

  • Men getting speared with phallic objects

  • Men holding hands

  • Men holding men tenderly from behind

  • Men letting it hang

  • Men getting all wet in the rain

  • Men getting all sweaty on the beach.

  • Men playing two flutes at the same time

  • Men saying things like this:

  • “A fine thrust.”

  • or this:

  • "Your Athenian rivals will kneel at your feet if you will but kneel at mine."

  • And a male-to-female nipple ratio of 600 to 4.

  • Man, I haven’t seen a movie this deep in the closet since Top Gun!

  • "I am dangerous!"

  • So get pumped for a dumb movie that’s only cool because of Zack Snyder’s bag of overused

  • visual tricks

  • featuring...

  • Dramatic falling stuff

  • Instagram filters

  • And

  • suuuper

  • sloooow

  • moootion.

  • Come on! I might as well be reading the book!

  • Starring...

  • Gerard Butt

  • Nick Fury

  • 6 through 300

  • Dhalsim

  • Emperor Herpetine

  • Hey, You Guys

  • Cersei Lannister?

  • McNulty?

  • and Michael Fassbender?!

  • 300

  • One cool looking movie and now he gets to make Batman vs. Superman? Great.

  • Thanks for watching our 50th Honest Trailer.

  • Who knows - maybe someday we'll make it to 300!

  • Hehe, get it?

  • Ugh. Please don't forget

  • to subscribe.

Can you believe it?


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正直なトレーラー - 300 (Honest Trailers - 300)

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