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  • welcome to watch Mojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 best gaming keyboards of 2020.


  • Any new for this list will be looking at the coolest, fastest, most hardcore gaming keyboards on the market.


  • If you bought any of these keyboards recently, or you know of an awesome one we didn't mention, let us know in the comments section below.


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  • Number 10.


  • ASU's R O G.


  • Strict Scope.


  • You can customize the color and lighting pattern as well.


  • A sink it with any of your other or a sync enabled components.


  • We're kicking off the list with a keyboard that prioritizes function instead of form.


  • Sure, this deck looks pretty sick, and it makes use of super responsive Cherry MX mechanical switches.

    確かに、このデッキはかなり病んでいるように見えて、超反応の良いCherry MXのメカニカルスイッチを利用しています。

  • But the biggest asset of the R.


  • O G strict scope is its FPs geared layout.

    O G 厳格なスコープは、そのFPのギヤードレイアウトです。

  • If you're looking to nab precious milliseconds on the battlefield, then the R O G.


  • Strict Scopes compact form factor is great, reducing overall stretch time, particularly for the bottom.

    Strict Scopesのコンパクトなフォームファクターは素晴らしく、特にボトムの全体的なストレッチ時間を短縮してくれます。

  • Rocchi's Speaking of the control key on this keyboard has actually been widened for ease of use.


  • Of course, we can't not mention the silver finished W.


  • A S D keys or how fast you press them.

    A S D キー、またはどれくらいの速さで押すか。

  • Every input is registered in game every time.


  • A Number nine steel Siri's APEC seven.

    A ナンバーナインスティールSiriのAPECセブン。

  • If you want your gaming keyboard loaded with clever features, then this APEC seven model from the steel Siri's is an awesome choice.

    あなたが賢い機能を搭載したあなたのゲーミングキーボードが欲しい場合は、スチールSiri'sからこのAPEC 7モデルは素晴らしい選択です。

  • First off, as it's a steel Siri's model, its aircraft grade aluminum build quality is second to none.


  • It's RGB.


  • Lighting is phenomenal, too, offering pretty much endless amounts of perky customization.


  • Then there's it's Ole Display, which lets you quickly and swiftly tweak settings and even display imagery.

    そして、迅速かつ迅速に設定を微調整したり、画像を表示したりすることができる Ole Display があります。

  • The ability to choose from the linger red, tactile brown and clicky blue switches is a great plus point.


  • To add to that.


  • It's USB passed through and Veldt magnetic wrist support, and you've got one of the most rounded gaming keyboards on the market.


  • Number eight hyper X alloy elite.


  • This is going to be my Terek profile.


  • Click.


  • Customize here.


  • Although this keyboard is relatively understated in terms of aesthetics, it does not go cheap on features.


  • First off, you can choose between brown, red or blue cherry MX switches.


  • There's also extensive RGB backlighting USB passed through dedicated media controls and a detachable wrist rest.


  • And for those worried about ghosting, the alloy elite also supports full and key roll over so no key presses will go unregistered.


  • We love the fact that this board comes with an extra set of silver, W A S D and number key caps to.

    私たちは、このボードにシルバー、W A S D、ナンバーキーキャップの余分なセットが付属しているという事実を愛しています。

  • For those who want to add a bit of extra flair and precision on, I Am Good and My Terry profile is set up now.

    ちょっとした気合と精度を加えたい人のために、I Am GoodとMy Terryのプロフィールを設定しました。

  • Number seven Steel Siri's Apex three theme Apex three is proof that you can buy a keyboard that is both premium and budget.

    7位 Steel SiriのApex threeテーマのApex threeは、高級感と予算の両方を兼ね備えたキーボードを購入できる証拠です。

  • At the same time, with the 10 zone RGB lighting, this board looks high end.


  • It also has an I P.

    また、I Pを搭載しています。

  • 32 water resistance rating, which is surprising given its price tag.


  • Although it may utilize whisper quiet membrane switches rather than more traditional mechanical ones, it's still manages to offer things like dedicated media controls.


  • Ah, full sized number pad layout, and it is compatible with steel.


  • Syriza's Engine three customization software.


  • The Apex three is the preferred pick for those looking to dip their toe into the elite side of gaming without spending a lot number six razors and knows a Kromah.


  • Yeah, On the subject of affordable membrane switch keyboards, we can't not mention the razor Sandaza chroma, which is not to be confused with a slightly pricier razor.


  • Sandaza be to.


  • This board may not have as many thrills as it's more expensive razor siblings like media controls or even a wrist rest, but it still offers extensive, perky or zonal RGB lighting that looks stunning on the membrane key front.


  • We love this boards low profile look.


  • And if you are specifically in the market for a membrane set up, this board should definitely be on your short list.


  • Number five Logitech G 9 15 T K l.

    ナンバーファイブ ロジクールG 9 15 T K l.

  • Any day, gaming keyboards can be bulky, So if you want to keep things a little more streamlined, then this Logitech G 9 15 T k.

    どんな日でも、ゲーミング キーボードはかさばることができます, だから、もう少し合理化されたものを維持する場合は、この Logitech G 9 15 T k.

  • L is an awesome choice.


  • And if the name sounds familiar, that's because it's a scaled down version of the G 9 15 lightspeed and by scale, down we mean that you don't get the light speeds, G keys or numb pad, which means it's about 2 to 3 inches smaller than other popular gaming keyboards.

    名前に聞き覚えがある場合、それはG 9 15ライトスピードのスケールダウンバージョンであり、スケールダウンすることで、我々はあなたがライトスピード、Gキーや麻痺パッドを取得しないことを意味しているため、他の人気のあるゲーミングキーボードよりも約2〜3インチ小さいことを意味します。

  • It may be smaller, but you still get gorgeous RGB lighting the choice of either tactile cliquey or linger, mechanical switches and wireless functionality that allows you to connect via Bluetooth or USB dongle.


  • The new G 9 15 T kale perfectly marries cutting edge technology was sophisticated.

    新しいG 9 15 Tケールは完全に最先端の技術が洗練されていた融合。

  • Design number four Rocket Vulcan, 1:20 a.m. o.

    デザインナンバー4 ロケット・バルカン 午前1時20分O号

  • The majority of the keyboards on this list used the ever popular Cherry MX switches, but not the Rocket Vulcan.

    このリストのキーボードの大半は、人気の高いCherry MXスイッチを使用していましたが、Rocket Vulcanは使用していませんでした。

  • This hardcore looking keyboard uses rockets own Titan switches, which offer almost silent operation and superb tactile feedback, a difficult combo to find in the gaming world.


  • There's also the added convenience of a detachable wrist rest.


  • The look of this keyboard cannot be overstated, though.


  • With its sleek, braided cable and anodized aluminum construction offering a rock solid build quality.


  • In fact, it weighs around £2.5.


  • It's highly customizable.


  • RGB AM Alighting is one of the brightest in the biz.

    RGB AM Alightingは、ビズの中で最も明るいものの一つです。

  • To Vulcan's top plate is crafted out of anodized aluminum that reinforces overall structural integrity of the keyboard to make it really solid number three razor Huntsman elite.


  • Yeah, this keyboard is pricey.


  • But if you're looking for a serious leg up on the competition specifically, when it comes to speed on, the Huntsman elite will give you just that.


  • And that's mainly because of its hybrid switches.


  • The idea of combining mechanical switches and optical sensors is pretty controversial, but razor pulls it off beautifully here.


  • The Opto mechanical switches on the keyboard are lightning fast, and you'll be hard pressed to find anything quicker on the gaming market.


  • Sure, it may take two USB cables to power this beast, but if you want to show people that your force to be reckoned with, look no further.


  • Number two Steel Siri's Apex Pro The Apex Pro has all the premium features of the APEC seven we mentioned earlier, like it's ola display and impressive RGB lighting, but it has a pretty significant trick up its sleeve.

    ナンバー2 Steel SiriのApex Pro Apex Proは、先ほど紹介したAPEC 7のすべてのプレミアム機能を備えています。

  • Omnipoint magnetic switches he switches allow you to completely customized the actuacion points of the keys, and you can do this for individual keys across the deck.

    Omnipoint magnetic switches 彼のスイッチは完全にキーの actuacion ポイントをカスタマイズすることができます、あなたはデッキ全体の個々のキーのためにこれを行うことができます。

  • Stretching to reach certain keys can slow you down, but having the ability to toggle actuacion settings allows you to balance things out.


  • And even though this keyboard is highly sophisticated, we kind of love.


  • It's retro looking raised key caps before we unveil our topic.


  • Here are a few honorable mentions.


  • Razor Huntsman Tournament Edition Trust GX 8 30 R W Avon Corsaire K 63 Wireless.

    レイザー ハンツマン トーナメントエディション トラストGX 8 30 R W エイボン コセア K 63 ワイヤレス。

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  • Number one Corsair K 95 RGB Platinum.

    1番のコルセアK 95 RGBプラチナ。

  • Sure, this keyboard is one of the most expensive out there, but with its excellent build quality and myriad of features, we think it's definitely worth the extra cash.

    確かに、このキーボードはそこに最も高価なの 1 つですが、優秀な造りの質および特徴の無数と、私達はそれが間違いなく余分現金の価値があると思います。

  • This anodized brushed aluminum keyboard may be wired instead of wireless, but it makes up for it.


  • With its sophisticated and gorgeous looking RGB lighting, USB passed through three user profiles, dedicated media controls and six dedicated macro keys.


  • We love that this keyboard has fast 1.2 military MX speed switches to which featured double shot key caps in other words.


  • The lettering of the keys won't fade and you get a premium feeling texture to go along with it.


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welcome to watch Mojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 best gaming keyboards of 2020.



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