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  • J All of this Houston Brooklyn Harden reunited with Durant Talk.

    Jこのすべて ヒューストン・ブルックリン・ハーデンがデュラント・トークで再会。

  • Throw Kyrie into the mix.


  • What's the very latest you're hearing?


  • So it's been what I've been hearing from some of my sources in the Houston area is that regardless of whether James Harden wants to go to Brooklyn or not, regardless of him making statements or Russell Westbrook not wanting to be there, that Raphael Stone, the first year GM is probably not going to let this happen.


  • He's going to hold James Harden and Russell Westbrook hostage, supposedly to make sure that he can extract.


  • It's much value as possible from any franchise that they decide to do a deal with now.


  • Whoa said yesterday last night during a pre draft show that you know they have not engaged in talks with the Brooklyn Nets yet.


  • So the question is, how many assets does Houston need in order to make that deal go through?


  • And do they have leverage by holding on to James Harden and Russell Westbrook until the season starts?


  • And let them actually play throughout the season to essentially give teams the flexibility to give them mawr in return until they feel comfortable with Hey, we're willing to accept all these assets for a trade of the T.

    そして、シーズンを通して実際にプレーさせて、基本的にはチームに柔軟性を与えて、彼らが快適に感じるようになるまで、見返りにマウアーを与えることができます ヘイ、我々はTのトレードのためにこれらの資産をすべて受け入れて喜んでいます。

  • J.


  • Well, I wanna ask you something more on the Westbrook side.


  • No, I've been I know it's been kind of reports kind of floating out there a little bit about maybe John Wall in exchange for Russell Westbrook understanding that, you know, John Wall is a couple years younger, but the contract is kind of similar.

    いや、そうではなくて... ラッセル・ウェストブルックと引き換えに ジョン・ウォールを使うのではないかと... ちょっとした噂が流れています ジョン・ウォールは2歳若いですが 契約は似たようなもので...

  • Um, what do you think?


  • Us faras fit, Knowing that Bradley Bill seems to play better without John Wall on on the on the court.


  • And also, you know, what's the difference in playing chemistry as faras fitting from a basketball standpoint?


  • Well, look, you know, on my end, I've heard of Bradley.


  • Bill has great great tightness with ownership in D.


  • C.


  • I actually see John Wall being moved before I receive Bradley bill.

    ブラッドリー法案を受け取る前に ジョン・ウォールが動いているのを見ている

  • Unless Bradley Bill told them he wants to be out, which, Look, there's some teams out there that he could be a pretty good fit with.

    ブラッドリー・ビルが出て行きたいと言っていなければ、 彼と相性のいいチームがいくつかあるはずだ。

  • But as it relates to Russell Westbrook and John Wall, I still if I were Houston, I know that the trade market for Russell Westbrook isn't as strong as it might have been three years ago, but I'm still trying to extract as much value.


  • So let's play this out key like you and I were Rafael Stone were Stephen Silas were all part of the Houston management, like we're going to have a season in which we are going to be that good anyway.


  • So if we don't feel like whatever team that were potentially going to negotiate with is willing to give as much as we feel like we deserve for James Harden and Russell Westbrook, you have to pay them their contract anyway.


  • Make them like if If If I make them play the coach and I'm silence, I don't wanna have an unhappy player, let alone two unhappy players, no matter what the contracts.


  • Or like, I don't wanna make my job harder.


  • Not that they would be unprofessional.


  • I just don't wanna take that on.


  • You know what I'm saying?


  • J like I would try and get management to move them for whatever at this point, because if they don't wanna be there, it makes my job harder as a head coach to try to get them to buy in.


  • So what?


  • I'm teaching.


  • Everyone's not Chris Paul.


  • Everyone's not going to approach it the same way, especially if you know how we are as athletes.


  • Once our minds are made up about something, that's where we go with.


  • If James Harden heart and mind is made up that he wants to be in Brooklyn to try to force him to stay in Houston, that's not a good idea.


  • Final minute, Jay.

    最後の1分だ ジェイ

  • But I know I'm with you and I hear what you're saying key, but the same time if your ownership or if your management, you may not want to be there.


  • But I'm going to make sure that before you get moved, I'm getting the most value for what I feel like a M V p of his caliber, your back.

    しかし、私はあなたが移動される前に、私は彼の口径のM V pのように感じるもののために最も価値を得ることを確認するつもりです、あなたの背中。

  • And you know that that becomes a narrative you.


  • So J.

    So J.

  • J.


  • J did okay a little bit, though, because it was J.


  • It took Rich Paul in order to make some of these deals happen.


  • But it wasn't It wasn't a nice site for a D and a really fast Jay y Z.

    でも、そうではなかったんですよね......Dと本当に早いJay y Zにはいいサイトではありませんでした。

  • I guess what I'm asking is the Bradley Bill and John Wall.


  • It seems like that's a move that could improve both teams.


  • It looks like maybe John Wall would be a better fit because he can shoot.


  • He's a different player in Westbrook, but it looks like Bradley Bills need that type of pitbull.


  • Maybe in Washington makes him a contender.


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J All of this Houston Brooklyn Harden reunited with Durant Talk.

Jこのすべて ヒューストン・ブルックリン・ハーデンがデュラント・トークで再会。

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