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  • the U.


  • S Federal Aviation Administration gave the green light on Wednesday for Boeing 737 max to fly again.


  • But as the company ready Sir Plane for its return, the families of the victims of the Boeing 737 max crashed in Ethiopia have denounced the US regulators decision to ungh round the plane.

    しかし会社がリターンのためのサー・プレーンを準備すると同時に、エチオピアで衝突したボーイング737 の最高の犠牲者の家族は飛行機のまわりでungh に米国の規制当局の決定を糾弾した。

  • 346 people were killed within five months in 2018 and 2019 when to Max planes crashed in Indonesia and Ethiopia.


  • Michael Sturmer lost his 24 year old daughter Samia, in the Ethiopian crash on believes little has been done to ensure the plane safety.


  • My family and the crash families are very upset that this plane is going back in the air.


  • We don't have a final crash report from the Ethiopian authorities.


  • They haven't addressed the inherent instability of this aircraft, which is because of its actual configuration.


  • After nearly two years of scrutiny, the F A gave Boeing its approval.

    2年近くに及ぶ精査の末、F Aはボーイング社に承認を与えました。

  • But we're now demand new pilot training and software upgrades to deal with a store prevention system called Marcus, which in both crashes repeatedly pushed down the jets nose is pilots struggled to regain control Britney Riffles husband Melvin was another victim of the Ethiopian plane crash.


  • She accuses Boeing of putting profits before safety.


  • Ondas, urging people to avoid the planes were putting our voice out there about going in the F A a um, and their safety culture and how they put profits before human safety.

    恩田は、飛行機を避けるために人々を促し、そこに私たちの声を入れていた F A a um と彼らの安全文化とどのように彼らは人間の安全の前に利益を置くことについて。

  • Boeing is facing around 100 lawsuits by families off 157 victims off the Ethiopian Airlines crash.


  • The company has argued in court that because the aircraft was certified by US regulators, it is immune from liability.


the U.


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