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  • S President Donald Trump and his allies continue to make baseless allegations about widespread election fraud, it appears his message is getting across to his supporters.


  • According to a Reuters Ipsos poll released Wednesday, 73% of those polled agreed that President elect Joe Biden had won the election.


  • But when asked specifically whether Biden had rightfully one, Republicans showed suspicion.


  • 68% of Republicans said they were concerned that the 2020 election was rigged, and only 29% believed that Biden had rightfully one.


  • Biden won a decisive 306 votes in the Electoral College, compared with 232 for President Trump.


  • Biden also won the national popular vote by at least 5.5 million votes.


  • But of those polled, 52% of Republicans said that Trump rightfully one, but that it was stolen from him because of widespread voter fraud that favored his rival Ah claim that has been disputed by election officials around the country from both parties.

    しかし、それらの世論調査の 52% 共和党員のトランプ正当に 1 つが、それが彼から盗まれたことを言った彼のライバルを支持した広範な有権者の詐欺のために彼の主張は、両方の党から国の周りの選挙関係者によって論争されています。

  • The poll's findings come as President Trump on Tuesday night took the dramatic step of firing his administration's top cybersecurity official, Chris Krebs, in a Twitter post Trump accused him without evidence of making ah highly inaccurate statement when Krebs affirmed that the November 3rd election was secure and that there was no evidence of fraud.


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