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  • How does what we saw on that last play of the game happened?


  • Would you see?


  • Well, here's what's interesting.


  • It's actually not a Hail Mary with 11 seconds left in the game on the Buffalo 43 yard line.

    バッファローの43ヤードライン上で 残り11秒で万歳ではありません。

  • They're running a play to get some more yards, probably toe have a better shot at the end zone, you know, on the next play.


  • And so this really just ends up being Kyler Murray, escaping out to his left, seeing Hopkins and then giving Hopkins a chance, you know.

    結局はカイラー・マレーが 左側に逃げ出して ホプキンスを見て ホプキンスにチャンスを与えたんだ

  • So with 11 seconds left from the 43 you're not in Hail Mary mode.


  • It ends up kind of just being a jump ball.


  • One versus three Buddha Baker just talked about is you see it here?


  • They weren't running all of their eligibles into the end zone.


  • They were trying to get a chunk, play, hopefully, get out of bounds and then have a shot, probably from inside the 30 yard line or so.


  • But instead, because Kyler Murray's ability to escape, he escapes out to his left and just finds a way to get the ball all the way down there.


  • And DeAndre Hopkins just continues to work for his quarterback, so it clearly is not how Cliff Kingsbury had it dialed up.

    そして、デアンドレ ・ ホプキンスはちょうど彼のクォーターバックのために働き続けているので、それは明らかにクリフ キングスベリーはそれをダイヤルアップしていた方法ではありません。

  • But I think that's just kind of one of the things about, you know, coaching guys that are really good players.


  • Sometimes it's not about the play that's called.


  • It's about that guy stepping up and making a play in a critical moment and, you know, Hall of Fame or not.


  • Whatever Ed Warder is saying for Kyler, Murray and DeAndre Hopkins, they just played better than anybody else could play on that particular snap.


  • I felt like the Tootsie Roll al.


  • We were counting how many Bills defenders were around.


  • Hopkins.


  • How does that happening?


  • Oh, man, I'm telling you, it looked like the Buffalo Bills weren't in their final play defense because usually there's a guy that's boxing out.


  • There's a specific jump guy that you want to jump for that ball and everybody is going for the football.


  • That's that's a do not do that at the end of the game, because when everyone's going for that ball you saw that was a mistimed jump and everyone mistime there, jump.


  • Hopkins got up the highest and came down with it, but even if that ball was tipped in the air you saw in Arizona, Cardinal right there That could potentially have caught the ball if it was tipped up in the air.


  • So I didn't think Buffalo was in their final play defense.


  • You could tell that because they didn't box out that guy.


  • They didn't have a guy on the goal line.


  • There s oh, they're gonna watch this play and they're gonna be sick when they watch that play because they had an opportunity there to stop that play from happening.


  • And Hopkins, at the end of the day, it's their best player.


  • Jump ball.


  • He goes and gets it and, you know, hats off to Arizona.

    彼はそれを手に入れて アリゾナに脱帽だ

  • They had a ah heck of a game plan in that in the end of that game there, When it comes to Kyler Murray, he now has eight games this season with a least one passing touchdown and one rushing touchdown.


  • It is a unique challenge to game plan for him.


  • How do you attempt to do that?


  • If you're a defensive coach, it's really hard.


  • I mean, if you're over aggressive, he's able to get out of the pocket and then you know, you see what he can do with his legs.


  • So, um, it's a balance of making sure that you press him in the pocket and make him feel the pressure, but yet not running past him.


  • Because when you open up those lanes, he could get in and out, um, run for first yard yardage and throw the ball down the field.


  • So, you know, I think Buffalo did a good job in the first half, and then they come out in the third quarter in Arizona.


  • Scored 17 points offensively.


  • So, um uh, it was kind of like back and forth struggled.

  • Um, Josh Allen throws two interceptions, so, you know, it was sloppy football at times, but at the end of the day, you know, collar got it done.

    ジョシュ・アレンが2回インターセプトを 取っています 時にはずさんなフットボールでしたが 最後にはカラーがやってくれました

  • He was ableto come up with that last play at the end of the game and won the game for his team.


  • I'm glad you mentioned the bills him because I do want to go there for you.


  • You're talking about a Bills team that felt like they needed to prove something.


  • They do that last week against the Seahawks with an emphatic win against who we've described as one of the best teams in the NFC, and they are 11 seconds away from doing it again against another dominant NFC West team.


  • How would you assess this game if you're the Bills right now?


  • Well, you're disappointed, obviously.


  • But they played a pretty good football team and they really had a very good chance to win.


  • I think Rob brings up a really good point about how you know the Bills play defensively, really.


  • But for a period of the third quarter, they've done a really nice job on Kyler Murray, and we're really frustrating him, you know, playing a quarterback like that.


  • Unfortunately, if it's not for full four quarters, he can really make you pay at some point in that football game.


  • But they ended up getting stops late in that football game, multiple stops inside of six minutes to give that Bills offensive chance.


  • And I think that's still going forward.


  • If you give Josh Allen a chance late in the football game, look, he could be a dangerous is maybe any quarterback in the game because of just his physical ability, how hard he is to get down in the pocket.

    もしジョシュ アレンにチャンスを与えれば フットボールの試合の後半、見て、彼は危険な可能性があります おそらくゲームのどのクォーターバックでも 彼の身体能力のために、ポケットに降りるのは難しいです。

  • We saw that late in the game and then his ability to still kind of test all areas of the field, no matter where you are because of how strong his arm is.


  • And that was evidenced on the touchdown pass that he throws to step on digs with just about 30 seconds left in the football game.


  • So look, it's disappointing.


  • They're gonna feel like, you know, they let one get away here.


  • But that's gonna be a tough football team to play going forward.


  • And I think, especially if you're playing them in Buffalo.


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How does what we saw on that last play of the game happened?



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