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  • Palau is known as one of the premier diving destinations in the world way.


  • Want to maintain that image and the actual experience that our visitors get the partake it way?


  • Have a tag line that says Pristine paradise come out with this rich culture.


  • We wanted the visitors to actually experience what that means.


  • As resident as a local, my name is Kevin Mess a blue, and I've been the director for the Bureau of Tourism for two years.


  • Here in the Republic of Palau, pronounce or so passionate about conservation, we're trying to do our part, even though allow as a nation does not have that big of a carbon footprint.


  • Why can't we set an example for the rest of the world to follow the plow pledge?


  • It's the voice of our Children asking you as a traveler visiting our home to be mindful, to be more respectful, treated as a place that you consider your home is well, you know you can't always guide people to think a certain way.


  • We can definitely take actions to make people think, and second guess why they want to travel and how they want their experience to become in 2009, Palau took the step to become the world's first national shark sanctuary.


  • We now know that because of that effort, I read somewhere resilient.


  • They're more productive, and we offer more off pristine environment for our divers and actors to come enjoy our waters.


  • I think when they come into Palau they signed the pullout pledge, which means there are mindful travelers and we continue that mindset to where, Before you leave, you have the option to offset your trip.


  • You come to Palau, there's more above water than underwater.


  • And so we hope that initiatives like the Shark Sanctuary, carbon neutral destination the cloud pledge really hammers home the point that this is who we are as a people, these air things we want to be mindful of.


  • And so, if you're curious traveler, you're you're automatically start thinking, Why are they doing this differently?


Palau is known as one of the premier diving destinations in the world way.


AI 自動生成字幕

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