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Oh, this is weird.
Hello! Welcome!
Thank you!
This should remind of the little Britain’s sketch.
Please could I have your names?
I’m Paddy and I’m Nico.
And what is the nature of your relationship?
It’s a professional one.
Might we ask your age?
I will be 80 this July.
Do you think you can win this show?
Oh. It would be very nice
but just as long as people enjoy what we are doing
and we give people pleasure. That’s the main thing.
Okay. Best of luck!
It’s not the fastest routine I’ve ever seen.
That goes there, Paddy!
(Spanish singer begins to sing in the background)
Amazing! Amazing!
I’m going to push my gold buzzer!
They are through straight to the live shows!
Oh my God! I’m so proud of you.
I just thought that that was incredible!
Welcome! ~Thank you!
Absolutely incredible!
Wow! Well, I apologize for what I did
because I did press the buzzer a little early.
This is before all the crazy things happened. You know?!
It was all kind of slow and normal and it all went ballistic.
It was extraordinary.
You’re an amazing example to older people.
Because you’ve shown that however old you are, you are still being spectacular
and beautiful and do something amazing.
She can. All people can.
If you want, you can.
How did you get into dancing?
I had been a dancer from the age of 2 and a half.
But I... Lots of little girls and I gave it up to get married.
I had four children.
Then when did you pick up dancing again?
I went to live in Spain with my husband and unfortunately, after 80, he died. ~I’m sorry.
And for something to do, I went to Nico’s dance academy to learn something totally different.
And this is the result.
My grandmother is 93 years old
and I just kept thinking of her when you were beautifully thrown around by that man.
And I think that she would really want me to press my button for you as well
so we will gonna be right behind you and I hope you win Britain’s Got Talent.
The fact that you did it for all these years and then have your lovely children
and then lost your husband, you gave us so much.
When I started to do this, I spoke to my family and I said, “What do you think?”
And they said, “Well, you gave everything up to have us without dad and he would be proud.”
Yes, he would.
Paddy, you are my hero. Like you are unbelievable.
l’ll pray to God that I’ll be like you when I’m your age.
I don’t want to sound patronizing but we have to say as it is
that this is something that I haven’t seen before.
And I’m so pleased that Amanda pressed her button.
And Paddy and Nico, you know what, you don’t have to go.
Hi Youtube!
Click the button down below if you want to see more of Britain’s incredible talent
and if you want to subscribe to the channel.
Go on! We know you want to.


Spectacular Salsa - Paddy & Nico - Electric Ballroom | Britain's Got Talent 2014

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