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  • hey ambitious professionals it's Linda Raynier of guiding you to a career and life  

    野心的なプロフェッショナルの皆さん、キャリアと人生をご案内するlinda Raynier.comのLinda Raynierです。

  • you'll truly enjoy now if you are working from  home which the majority of us are considering  


  • this coronavirus pandemic that we're in you might  be finding it hard to really showcase your value  


  • to your boss to your manager to your co-workers  because you're at home so today i want to share  

    上司にも上司にも上司にも同僚にも 家にいるからこそ今日は共有したいことがあります

  • with you my best tips on how you can shine as  a remote employee and how you can showcase your  


  • value even though you're working from home and  you're not in the office so let's get started


  • as a career strategist i've been able to help  numerous ambitious corporate professionals  


  • just like you to land their dream job offers and  if this is something that you're interested in i  


  • will talk more about my coaching program as well  as my online courses at the end of this video it's  


  • really easy for you to feel like you're lost in  the shuffle when you're having to work from home  


  • and when everyone's working from home and you feel  that because you're behind a screen and you don't  


  • get to spend that face time with your manager  with your co-workers that it's hard for you to  


  • showcase your value and demonstrate how strong  of an employee you are i get it this is a unique  

    自分の価値をアピールして どれだけ強い社員であるかを 証明することができます これはユニークなことです

  • situation that we're in and if you're someone  who's used to going into an office environment  


  • and now you're forced to work from home you're  probably wondering how do i navigate how do i make  

    そして今、あなたは自宅で仕事をすることを余儀なくされている あなたはおそらく疑問に思っているでしょう どうやってナビゲートすればいいのでしょうか?

  • sure that i can demonstrate my value so these are  my five best tips on how you can shine as a remote  


  • employee while working from home my first tip is  to do the work now this may sound self-explanatory  


  • and obvious but you really do not want to give  your boss your manager your co-workers any reason  


  • to think that you're not doing anything when  you're working at home you really want to make  


  • sure that you stay on top of your assignments your  tasks that you do a high quality job that you hand  


  • them in by the deadline or better yet before the  deadline to make sure that everyone feels good  


  • that you're doing your job and you're working from  home and that they don't have to worry about you  


  • a lot of the time it is really easy to slack  off and to leave things to the last minute  


  • because no one's watching us or we feel that  no one's watching us when we're working at home  


  • and you really don't want to create that habit  for yourself so do your job do a good job and make  


  • sure that you hand in your work on time that's  tip number one tip number two is to say more  


  • than hi what this means is that you want to say  more than just high in your morning meetings with  


  • your manager or with your co-workers you want  to schedule regular check-ins with your boss  


  • with your manager and that means that you want to  have a consistent time every week for example or  


  • every two weeks where you are able to update your  manager on what you've been working on how well  


  • you've been doing and ask any questions or answer  any questions that your manager may have for you  


  • the reason why this is important is because it  allows you that face time that you otherwise would  


  • be missing because you're not in an office so you  want to be proactive and ask for that facetime  


  • meaning even if it's just a phone call that you  have that 15 minutes to check in with your manager  


  • inform them of what's been going on let them know  that you're doing a great job and just making sure  


  • that they feel good about you as an employee as  their worker and that you're doing your job really  


  • well tip number three when it comes to working  from home is to make it obvious when i say make  


  • it obvious i mean that you want to vocalize your  achievements it is really easy


  • when we're working from home to have these accomplishments that we do and have them go completely missed and completely  


  • under the radar because no one knows about  it because we aren't saying anything about it  


  • so what you have to do in those regular check-ins  with your manager is to tell him or her what your  


  • most recent achievement was let them know that  maybe you reorganized the files in the folder or  


  • perhaps you created a new template that saved  every one time or you were able to identify a  


  • cost saving that is going to help with the budget  whatever it is that you're able to do you want to  


  • mention it in your weekly or bi-weekly check-ins  with your manager with your boss so that they are  


  • aware of it and from there you want to track those  achievements so that in your next performance  


  • review you can remind your manager of what it  is that you were able to accomplish over the  


  • last little while tip number four is do not hide  because you're working from home you might find  


  • it really easy to do certain things certain things  such as hiding behind an email hiding behind your  


  • screen not turning your camera on when you're  hiding you are essentially shutting yourself out  


  • from being involved and being present with your  co-workers with your manager and that does not  


  • end well for you when it comes to a performance  review for example where they feel that you just  


  • weren't involved you weren't part of the team  so stop hiding behind email if you can make  


  • a phone call or you can actually have a video  call with the person that you need to speak to  


  • do that instead and when it comes to meetings show  your face if that's what's being asked don't hide  


  • and turn off your camera so it's really  important to show your face put yourself  


  • out there as much as possible just don't hide  behind email don't hide behind your screen  

    メールの後ろに隠れてはいけない 画面の後ろに隠れてはいけない

  • because again that's going to play a role in your  performance review and finally tip number five is  


  • to learn video call etiquette there are some basic  things that you need to realize when it comes to  


  • going on video calls one thing is to make sure  that when you are on a video call meeting that  


  • you're not staring at something else don't stare  at your phone and scroll through your phone  


  • that's very obvious if you have your camera  on that someone can see you and they're seeing  


  • that you're not even paying attention really  and you're looking at something else don't do  


  • that also make sure that you put yourself on mute  if you're not talking this is such a simple thing  


  • to do but so many people forget to do it and it  can be really unprofessional when they can hear  


  • your dogs screaming barking in the background or  your baby screaming in the background you really  


  • want to make sure that you put yourself on mute  unless you're talking there are just few simple  


  • things i also have a video on how to look good on  video calls that i have linked in the description  


  • box down below so feel free to check that out but  make sure that you learn some of the basics and  


  • that you follow those also another tip here is if  you're speaking and there happens to be noise in  


  • your background apologize for it let everyone know  i'm sorry something's happening right now it's  

    あなたの背景を謝罪して みんなに知らせてください 今は何かが起きていて...

  • kind of loud let me move away and do what you need  to do to get to a quiet space and then proceed  


  • to talk people will completely understand  because they're all in the same situation  


  • as well so just make sure that you acknowledge  it and don't try to talk through your meeting  


  • while your dog is barking and pretending that  he doesn't exist you want to acknowledge oh  


  • that's my dog let me go to another room spend that  five to ten seconds to move to another space and  


  • people will understand and it shows that  you are courteous and you're professional  


  • so there you have it those are my five best tips  on how to shine as a remote employee now if you  

    あなたはそれを持っているので、それらは私の 5 つの最高のヒントは、リモート従業員として今輝く方法の場合です。

  • have been looking for a job for the last little  while and you have not been successful and you  


  • realize that you want one-on-one guidance from  me then feel free to head on over to my website  


  • read through the  page fill in the application form and from thereは、ページに目を通した後、申請書に記入し、そこから

  • one of my team members will be reaching out to you  directly otherwise if you want some free advice  


  • i have my interview training workshop as well as  my resume mastery workshop which are both free  


  • so you can sign up on my website as well the  links are in the description box down below  


  • if you like this video then please give it  a thumbs up subscribe share it with your  


  • friends thank you so much for watching  and i will see you in the next video


  • you


hey ambitious professionals it's Linda Raynier of guiding you to a career and life  

野心的なプロフェッショナルの皆さん、キャリアと人生をご案内するlinda Raynier.comのLinda Raynierです。


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リモートワークで会社を輝かせる方法|在宅でスーパースターになる方法 (How to SHINE at Work as a Remote Employee | How to be a Superstar from Home)

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