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  • protests in Armenia have continued in opposition to a peace deal with Azerbaijan over the disputed region of Nagorno Karabakh.


  • Thes air pictures we have from the Armenian capital Yerevan, these protesters are calling for the prime minister.

    アルメニアの首都エレバンからの 空からの写真です デモ隊が首相を求めています

  • Resign.


  • That hasn't happened on police arrested dozens of people, including some opposition politicians.


  • The BBC's Jonah Fisher was at one of the protests.


  • People here caravan are angry that person Young signed the agreement with the presidents of Russia.


  • That's a by John to bring this six weeks long war to an end.


  • The shouting nickel double sandwiches, nickel traitor When you translated, there's a feeling that he gave up too much in terms of both the part of Nagorno Karabakh, this in clave inside Azerbaijan and also in terms of the surrounding territories, which Armenia has agreed to hand over in the next few weeks.

    叫ぶニッケルダブルサンドイッチ、ニッケル裏切り者 あなたが翻訳したとき、彼はナゴルノ・カラバフの部分の両方の面であまりにも多くをあきらめたという感じがあります、これはアゼルバイジャンの内側にクラベで、また、周辺の領土の面でも、アルメニアは次の数週間で引き渡すことに合意しています。

  • While the prime minister has been defending the peace deal, saying it had to happen because his airy forces were close to capturing the capital of Nagorno Karabakh, all of it, the document was signed when the city of shoe she was captured on when the general staff of Armenia's armed forces reported to me that there were problems with resource is on.


  • The political leadership of Nagorno Karabakh shared that opinion well.


  • This peace agreement ended six weeks of fighting in and around Nagorno Karabakh, and it was clear from the reaction in both countries.


  • Which one is happiest about that?


  • Yeah, this is back with the capital of Azerbaijan.


  • Celebrations went through the night a couple of nights ago when the deal was announced.


  • In contrast, this is what happened in Armenia, these protesters storming the parliament, attacking the speaker and reportedly looting the prime minister's office on Here's the History behind all of this.


  • Both countries fought over Nagorno Karabakh in the late eighties and early nineties.


  • It was then that the region declared independence from Azerbaijan and effectively became part of Armenia, though that was never recognized by the international community.


  • After a very long pause, the fighting began again in September.


  • Armenia has lost ground.


  • This deal means Azerbaijan will hold onto areas within Nagorno Karabakh that it's taken during this recent conflict.


  • Armenia has also agreed to withdraw from several other areas.


  • On importantly, some of the refugees who had to move in the nineties will be able to return back to the land that they were forced out off when the region declared independence.


  • Well, Russia has a military base in Armenia, and for some analysts, this peace deal not only represents a defeat for Armenia, but also for Vladimir Putin.


  • He was not actually prepared for what happened, or he was afraid to intervene too early.


  • Anyway, he'll be seen as someone who betrayed his ally or at least failed to defend Russia's actually closer style ally, which Armenia is.


  • And now he is responsible for that.


  • Well, Mr Putin is not available.


  • He committed a lot of mistakes in the past and pretty sure he'll commit a lot in the future on.


  • I don't think it will be particularly popular in Russia, where public opinion polls consistently have been showing for the last couple of years that Russians are tired of Mr Putin's expansionism and want a quieter, more peaceful foreign policy.


  • Now, as part of this deal, Russia is going to maintain a peacekeeping force in Nagorno Karabakh.


  • Here's the BBC, Steve Rosenberg, on that they'll be around 2000 Russian peacekeepers in the region on there's a difference of opinion about what this means about Russia's role.

    ここにBBCのスティーブ・ローゼンバーグがいます 彼らは約2000人のロシアの平和維持軍になるでしょう この地域でのロシアの役割については 意見が分かれています

  • Russia's influence.


  • There is a school of thought which says, You know, based on the situation, Russia came out of this quite well.


  • It has cemented its role as the chief are better the chief power broker in the region.

    それは、チーフとしての役割を強化しています 地域のチーフパワーブローカーよりも優れています。

  • This was a deal done in Moscow, not done in Washington or Brussels or the U again cementing Russia's role here in its in its own backyard.

    これはモスクワでの取引であり ワシントンでもブリュッセルでもなく... Uでもなく... ロシアの役割を再び確固たるものにした...

  • On.


  • Of course, there'll be the 2000 Russian peacekeepers.


  • However, this is also a big success for Turkey.


  • Big foreign policy success for Turkey Turkey backed Azerbaijan.


  • Azerbaijan has come out of here.


  • The winners, although we probably won't see Turkish peacekeepers in Carroll back, the shadow of Turkey hangs large here on, we can see this opens the door, perhaps to increase Turkish influence in the caucuses.


protests in Armenia have continued in opposition to a peace deal with Azerbaijan over the disputed region of Nagorno Karabakh.



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アルメニア、アゼルバイジャン、ロシア、ナゴルノ・カラバフ和平協定に署名 - BBC ニュース (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia sign Nagorno-Karabakh peace deal - BBC News)

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