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  • Oh, so tight!

  • We'll go around to classes and activities, ask around about the drug, find out who the

  • dealer is.

  • So first of all, congratulations. I saw the film last night, and it was really, really

  • funny. Obviously, the best part is your relationship with Channing. I don't want to call it a bromance

  • because I'm bored of that word. How would you describe it?

  • It's a silly term. I don't know. I think it's just a movie about these guys who are partners.

  • They're police partners, and they're friends. It's kind of what happens when you move on

  • to university from high school, but as adults. I think a lot of times when you go to university

  • with your best friend or your girlfriend or something or your boyfriend, the world opens

  • up and all of a sudden, there's all these new people and all these new things in the

  • world. I think one of them wants to kind of stay, keep the relationship as it is, my character,

  • and he wants to kind of explore what else is out there.

  • You don't have to do this man. I just don't want you to get hurt.

  • I'm not going to get hurt.

  • Oh! I broke my ass.

  • What I think makes it so much fun to watch is it actually just looks like two friends,

  • like sometimes it's not like you're even acting. Can you maybe tell me something about shooting

  • it that might surprise me or your fans?

  • It is very fun to shoot. It's a very funny movie. There's a lot of big action. There's

  • way bigger action in this film, so we had to do a lot of stunts and crazy action stuff.

  • What for you was maybe the biggest challenge in this one?

  • The biggest challenge? I think the biggest challenge is making a sequel that's as funny

  • and good as the original. You know, we kind of make fun of ourselves for that, that sequels

  • are always worse and more expensive than the first ones. These movies are really self aware,

  • the Jump Street movies, and I think that's why they work on a lot of levels.

  • We Jump Street, and we about to jump in yo ass.

  • Right in the crack.

  • And obviously, you both go back to college, university, and you go completely different

  • directions. He's a jock, and you're like the arty intelligent guy. Can we maybe come up

  • with top three tips for going to uni for young people?

  • Top three tips. I don't know. I really spent a short time in university, so...

  • I don't know. Do you have any?

  • Um for me, it would mainly be hangover tips. I mean, it's like drink liquids.

  • Pretty much. Just drink a lot of water before you go to bed.

  • Yeah, and when I Google you two, the first thing that comes up is that you made some

  • sort of controversial bet. Is that true?

  • It's like a joke, yeah. It's a joke from when the first movie was coming out. We made some

  • dumb joke, and then Channing talked about it in an interview and then all of a sudden

  • it's all over the internet. It's just a silly joke, but hopefully he doesn't make me collect.

Oh, so tight!


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