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  • What kind of relationship is President elect Joe Biden likely to have with Boris Johnson?

    大統領選のジョー・バイデンは ボリス・ジョンソンとどのような関係になるのでしょうか?

  • The prime minister said today that he was looking forward to working with Mr Biden on climate change as well as on international trade and security.


  • But is our diplomatic correspondent James Landale reports there are some tricky issues ahead from the days of Margaret Thatcher.


  • Joe Biden has Bean no stranger to Britain, making it his business to know the prime ministers of the day, at least until now, for Boris Johnson has yet to meet the president elect, and the two men have their differences.

    ジョー ・ バイデンがありますビーン見知らぬイギリスには、それを彼のビジネスは、少なくとも今までは、ボリス ・ ジョンソンのための日の首相を知るために、まだ大統領選挙を満たすために、2 人の男性は彼らの違いがあります。

  • Mr.


  • Biden's described the PM as a physical and emotional clone of Donald Trump.


  • And as for Brexit, had I been a member of parliament, had I been in a British citizen, I would have voted against leaving views shaped in part by his ancestry.


  • Mr.


  • Biden quit.


  • Where?


  • For the BBC BBC.

    BBC BBCのために。

  • I'm Irish.


  • He's made clear that peace in Northern Ireland should not become a casualty of Brexit with the UK US trade deal very much on the line.


  • Ah, warning repeated by allies.


  • There are, of course, significant concerns, Um, here about how any departure arrangement, sort of final status between the UK and you might impact the border in Northern Ireland from Downing Street, the prime minister insisted the US was Britain's closest, most important ally, and there was a good chance of a trade deal.


  • There is farm or that unites the government of this country and, uh, government in Washington, any any time that any stage than divides us.


  • We have common values.


  • We have common interests.


  • We have a common global perspective.


  • There are issues where Mr Biden agrees with Mr Johnson being tough on Russia.


  • Reviving the deal curbing Iran's nuclear program on agreeing new carbon reduction targets at a big climate summit in Britain next year.


  • Above all, a president who supports multilateral organizations such as NATO, unlike his predecessor.


  • But the hard truth is that Britain outside the EU is less useful toe Washington, And so when Joe Biden wants to influence Europe, he will go to Paris and Berlin, not London.


  • There was a time when American presidents were so important to Britain that 160,000 people paid a few pounds to build a statue of one like Franklin Roosevelt here.


  • But those days are gone.


  • Joe Biden's priorities will begin at home fixing co vid in the economy.

    ジョー・バイデンの優先順位は、経済の中で家庭の固定化されたco vidで始まるでしょう。

  • Allies.


  • Trade deals may have to take second place.


  • So for now, a relationship, not a special is once but more predictable than of late, with perhaps fewer tweets.


  • James Landale, BBC News.

    ジェームズ・ランデール BBCニュース

  • Well, let's explore further with a bright Biden presidency.


  • Could mean for the chances of a U.


  • S trade deal with Josh.


  • Any David, our global trade correspondent for China with our correspondent John Sad worth in Beijing on first with our political editor, Laura Kuhns Berg.

    Any David, our global trade correspondent for China with our correspondent John Sad worth on Beijing on first with our political editor, Laura Kuhns Berg.

  • Laura, Do you think this is going to be awkward between Boris Johnson and Joe Biden?


  • Well, Michelle, there's certainly not political pals, and the gap between their political styles is about as wide as the Atlantic Ocean that separates our to country on Joe Biden's made it perfectly clear he's no fan of the Brexit project, which, of course, is what propelled Boris Johnson to Downing Street in the first place.


  • But pretty soon those caricatures, if you like, will be replaced by a real life working political relationship, Ondas James was suggesting there.


  • There's sort of a tricky list where you have to trade deal the relationship around Brexit in particularly Northern Ireland, but then also a list of chances and opportunities for the UK, where the government hopes they might be able to make MAWR progress under a Biden presidency, whether that's on climate change or Iran or the attitude towards Russia.


  • So while Boris Johnson might have lost something of a political fellow traveler in Donald Trump who shared something of a global political moment, I think there is actually quite a widespread welcome around these parts for a political partner who will be seen to be much more predictable, more dependable on a promoter of those really important global institutions like the U.


  • N.


  • Or NATO, where Britain is able to express its power on the truth of the matter is that while the chemistry between the two leaders in the White House and Downing Street does always matter, the partnership between the two countries is always much more complicated.


  • More permanent, on also much more extensive than any to individual deals will actually be.


  • But perhaps in the 21st century, the rial and first challenge for Boris Johnson will be persuading Joe Biden at a time when so many nations will be clamoring for his attention that Britain is somewhere that should come near the top of the list.

    しかし、おそらく 21 世紀には、Rial とボリス ジョンソンのための最初の挑戦は、ジョー バイデンを説得するときにそう多くの国がイギリスはどこかリストのトップの近くに来る必要があります彼の注意のために夢中になるだろう時になります。

  • Laura Kuhns Berg.


  • Thank you very much.


  • And let's explore the trade aspect of all of this now with Da Sheeni David Are the chances of a U.


  • S trade deal higher or lower under President Trump than they were under its the president?


  • Biden under president.


  • Well, it's a £220 billion question.


  • That's how much trade, goods and services crosses between the two countries.


  • Everything for machines, toe advertising.


  • In fact, the US is the U.


  • K's biggest destination for exports.


  • They're our biggest foreign investor.


  • They actually support more than a million jobs here.


  • So talks have been ongoing right up to the election.


  • I understand they're in a pretty advanced stage.


  • But behind the scenes, the UK trade team has also bean tapping up the Biden T Maze's well on.


  • I understand their objectives are actually quite similar to trump, so that means that perhaps we are going to see demand still form or access for US farmers.

    私は彼らの目的は、実際にはかなりトランプに似ているので、おそらく我々 はまだ形成または米国の農家のためのアクセスの需要を参照してくださいしようとしていることを意味します理解しています。

  • But with U K government doubling down on that pledge not to lower food standards on giving our farmers more powers of scrutiny.


  • Chlorinated chicken, maybe off the menu anyway.


  • But the real difference is how fast a deal might be done.


  • Now UK officials want to see it done by the middle of next year.


  • That's when an agreement to fast track a deal through Congress expires.


  • But the iceberg?


  • The potential iceberg now on this transatlantic trading route could be Joe Biden.


  • As we've been hearing his disapproval off Brexit.


  • If we don't see a deal between the UK on the U on its looking tight on, of course, we do see the Good Friday agreement.


  • Perhaps looking at risk, he may just knock us off that list all together.

    リスクを考えれば 彼は私たちをリストから外すかもしれない

  • On the other hand, the U.


  • S economy just like ours, seeing its biggest crisis in years, decades, possibly centuries.


  • Any opportunity to boost livelihoods and trade might be too good to pass up Darcy any.


  • Thank you very much.


  • And with that, let's turn to John said with in Beijing, one of the most striking aspects of Donald Trump's foreign policy was the trade war with China and the pressure that he put under Beijing.


  • What happens to that under President Biden.


  • Well, so far, Michele, there's been no official comment or congratulations from Beijing for Joe Biden on an administration that you might think would be delighted to see the back of Donald Trump.


  • Over the past four years, he has hit them with a trade war, punitive economic and political sanctions and has consistently blamed them for what he calls the China virus.


  • But in this deafening silence, there are some who see signs that China may be slightly disappointed that Mr Trump has lost.


  • Not because they hold out any lasting sympathy for him, of course, but because in four more years they saw the tantalizing prospect off a greater prize divisive at home.


  • Isolationist at broad Mr Isolationist abroad, Mr Trump seemed the very embodiment of the long anticipated on long hoped for decline in U.

    広い氏で孤立主義者 海外では、トランプ氏は、米国の衰退のために長い間期待されていた上に長い間期待されていたの非常に具体化したように見えた。

  • S.


  • Power.


  • For now, though, Chinese state media is doing what it's always been doing, focusing not on the policies but on the chaos and confusion.


  • Posting pictures, for example, of gun toting Trump supporters outside polling stations on by the mouthpiece of this authoritarians superpower, the People's Daily, even trolling him on their own social media platforms with tens of millions of followers to one of his recent tweets, where he said that he had won by a lot.


  • The People's Daily responded with just two words.


  • Ha, ha!


  • It said John said, Worth in Beijing, Thank you.

    ジョンが北京にいると言ってた ありがとう

What kind of relationship is President elect Joe Biden likely to have with Boris Johnson?

大統領選のジョー・バイデンは ボリス・ジョンソンとどのような関係になるのでしょうか?

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