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  • Morning Donnie. Everything OK

  • No not really, my kid needs braces on her teeth, my car needs a transmission job, my wife wants me to take her to Florida but I'm behind on the mortgage payments

  • My uncle called from India and he needs money for my nieces wedding

  • and I've got this strange rash on my back

  • How 'bout you ?

  • I'm ok.

  • Ready to roll Paterson ?

  • Yep.

  • When you're a child

  • you learn there are three dimensions

  • Height, width and depth.

  • Like a shoe box.

  • Then later you hear there's a fourth dimension. Time.

  • Your poetry is really good.

  • And some day you might let the world read it.

  • You are a great poet.

  • Hey yo! that's an English bulldog right ?

  • Dog like that get dogjacked my G.

  • Well give you something to look forward to then I guess.

  • You drive a bus right ? Your name really Paterson ?

  • My real name is Paterson.

  • Well that's kind of crazy right ?

  • Working on a poem for you.

  • A love poem ?

  • Yeah, I guess if it's for you it's a love poem.

  • I had a beautiful dream.

  • We have twins.

  • Twins

  • All your poems are still in that one notebook.

  • Your secret notebook.

  • I go through trillions of molecules that move aside to make way for me.

  • While on both sides trillions more stay where they are.

  • This is Paterson Bus 23, I have a situation.

  • Damn thing could have exploded into a fireball.

  • I could be realizing my dream to be a country singer.

  • Nashville here I come.

  • Look out Nashville.

  • Do you think there are any other Erica's in Paterson ?

  • You mean besides us ? Not Likely.

  • Without love what reason is there for anything ?

  • Well, he's not going to do anything crazy ?

  • Everything he does is crazy.

  • Nobody move !

  • aha what ?

  • Who are you playing ?

  • Myself.

Morning Donnie. Everything OK


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パターソン公式予告編1(2016) - アダム・ドライバー映画 (Paterson Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Adam Driver Movie)

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