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  • Good afternoon, this is Jonathan with the National Weather Service in Norman, with a

  • severe weather briefing regarding this Saturday and Sunday.

  • Ok, first and foremost, here are our current thoughts, and I want to stress the word current.

  • At the moment, and as always, this far out, time wise, there are always quite a few questions,

  • but not a whole lot of definite answers. With the recent suite of afternoon model guidance,

  • the ingredients for storms will exist on Saturday across the region. However, it’s the combination/interactions

  • of these ingredients that well need to continue to monitor closely. Lets take a look

  • at what we currently know about Saturday. There are four basic ingredients to severe

  • weather. Lift, Instability, Moisture, and Wind Shear. Well have the lift, with the

  • dry line and upper level system, but the timing of these are still in question. Well have

  • Instability, but how much? That will hinge on how much moisture makes it’s way back

  • into the region. Lastly, all indications point to decent wind shear, both low level and deep

  • layer shear for Saturday, especially into the late evening hours. For Sunday, showers

  • will be ongoing across much of the region Sunday morning, which will impact the OKC

  • Memorial Marathon, the Arts Festival, and the Norman Music Festival. No severe storms,

  • but lightning will pose a risk. Later in the afternoon and evening, storms will quickly

  • push out to the east, with storms well east of I-35.

  • Ok, so what can you do now? First off, Have a plan, we say it every time, but you have

  • to have a plan for you, your family, or even your business. Need help making a plan? I’ll

  • put the link to our severe weather safety page in the video description below. This

  • forecast will change, we will continue to update the forecast as we gain more information

  • and gain more confidence. This is nothing new for us, Oklahomans and Texans are weather

  • savvy people, if you are new to Oklahoma or Texas, check out our safety page, stay weather

  • aware and youll gain confidence on how to approach severe weather. Don’t Panic,

  • we know it’s easy to get wrapped up in the worst case scenario, but just stay calm and

  • stay weather aware, find a trusted source for your weather information. Lastly, Have

  • a Plan, I know I sound like a broken record, but this is the best way to keep piece of

  • mind. Don’t let a threat of thunderstorms or severe weather rule your life. If you have

  • a plan of action established well before severe weather presents itself, you will have the

  • tools and confidence to face severe storms.

  • Storms will likely develop late Saturday afternoon, and more likely in the early evening hours

  • across western Oklahoma and western north Texas, the greatest risk for severe storms

  • during this time frame will be across southwestern Oklahoma and western north Texas. Large, damaging

  • hail, damaging winds are the primary hazards, and the occurrence of tornadoes cannot be

  • ruled out.

  • Storms will spread eastward into the evening hours, with the threat of large damaging hail,

  • damaging winds, and tornadoes remaining possible. Those attending the numerous outdoor events

  • going on across the region will need to stay weather aware. Make sure you find suitable

  • shelters at any venue you attend. When a warning is issued, that is not the time to start looking

  • for shelter, you should already have in mind where to go.

  • Overnight, storms will gradually decrease in severity, but damaging hail and winds remain

  • possible.

  • For Sunday morning, rain and thunderstorms will linger across the region, unfortunate

  • for those of you running the OKC marathon. Severe storms are not expected during this

  • time frame, but a few may produce hail up to the size of half dollars and strong wind

  • gusts.

  • What unfolds Sunday night will hinge on how things evolve late Saturday through Sunday

  • Morning. At the present time, the greatest potential for severe storms will exist east

  • of the I-35 corridor.

  • Not to be outdone, fire weather concerns will be elevated, with extreme conditions behind

  • the dry line Sunday.

  • In closing, remember, don’t be scared, be prepared! Have a plan and stay weather aware.

  • If youre attending any of the numerous events going on across the region this weekend,

  • it is imperative you stay weather aware. Ask those running the events where you can shelter

  • in the event of severe weather. Always have multiple ways to receive warnings, don’t

  • wait for outdoor warning sirens to alert you to an impending hazard.

  • Thanks again for watching, as always, the

  • best place to find the most accurate and up to date forecast and warning information is

  • on our webpage, at You can also, like us on Facebook, follow

  • us on twitter, and subscribe to our youtube channel. Thanks again, and have a wonderful

  • day!

Good afternoon, this is Jonathan with the National Weather Service in Norman, with a


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