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  • This is the new macro, and it's incredible.


  • It only took six years, But Apple has finally shown off a new Mac pro to replace the old trash can design that launched in 2013.

    たった6年でのことでしたが、2013年に発売された古いゴミ箱デザインのMac Proに代わって、Appleはついに新しいMac Proを披露しました。

  • The new model is a return to form as it looks a lot like the old Power Mac G five model from 2003.

    2003年に発売された旧型のPower Mac G 5モデルによく似ているので、今回のモデルは形に戻っていると思います。

  • Apple says the new Mac Pro is the most powerful Mac it has ever created.

    Appleは、新しいMac ProはこれまでにないほどパワフルなMacだと述べています。

  • The outer casing is easily removable, making it easy for users to upgrade the computer and adding things like more RAM and storage.


  • The handles up top make it easy to carry, and there are even custom wheels if you want to roll it around.


  • As for the specs, so we're using a brand new Intel Xeon processor up to 28 cores.


  • We're giving it over 300 watts of power and a massive heat sink for cooling, so this means it can run fully on constraint all the time.


  • Six channels of superfast SEC memory in 12 dim slots enable it incredible 1.5 terabytes of system memory, eight internal PC I slots.

    12の薄暗いスロットの超高速SECメモリの6つのチャネルは、それが信じられないほどの1.5テラバイトのシステムメモリ、8つの内部PC Iスロットを可能にします。

  • There are four double wide slots in three single wide slots, and there's one additional half length slot that we populate with an I O card.

    シングルワイド3本にダブルワイド4本のスロットがあり、さらに半端な長さのスロットが1本追加されていて、それをI Oカードで埋めています。

  • Now this Iot card has to Thunderball three ports, two USB A ports and an audio jack.

    今、このIoTカードはサンダーボールに3つのポート、2つのUSB Aポートとオーディオジャックを持っています。

  • And there are also two Mawr Thunderball, three ports conveniently located on the top of the system.

    そして、Mawr Thunderballも2つ、3つのポートが便利に配置されています。

  • And finally, the Mac Pro has to built in 10 gigabit Ethernet ports.

    そして最後に、Mac Proには10ギガビットのイーサネットポートが内蔵されています。

  • Of course, a new Mac pro needs a monitor to go with it, and Apple has just that in a new 32 inch LCD six K retina display with a super wide viewing angle.

    もちろん、新しいMacのプロは、それと一緒に行くためにモニターを必要とし、Appleはちょうど新しい32インチLCD 6 K網膜ディスプレイでそれを持っている超広視野角と。

  • So we did something amazing.


  • We designed the rear lattice pattern to act as a, he'd say, and this doubles the surface area quietly, extracting heat from each led.


  • The results are incredible.


  • This display can maintain 1000.


  • It's off full screen brightness in Definitely, there's one more feature that does not get much attention on other displays.


  • And that's the stance, which is as pro is a display itself.


  • First, it has an amazing counterbalancing arm that makes the display feel virtually weightless.


  • It provides tilt and height adjustment, and it maintains the displays angle as it's raised or lowered, and it has rotation for portrait mode.


  • Yeah, it's the Onley display in the industry that delivers every feature on a pros wish list and more.


  • The new Mac Pro starts at $6000 while the monitor starts at 5000, The beast amount adaptor will be 1 99 and the Pro stands 9 99.

    新しいMac Proは6000ドルから、モニターは5000ドルから、獣量アダプターは199ドル、Proは999ドルからとなっています。

  • Unlike the macro, they'll all be available in this in the fall.


  • So that is a new Mac pro in pro display XDR.

    ということで、プロディスプレイXDRの新しいMac proです。

  • What do you think is the new Mac Pro worth $6000?

    新しいMac Proは6000ドルの価値があると思いますか?

  • Let us know in the comments.


This is the new macro, and it's incredible.



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アップルは6,000ドルのMac Proを発表したばかり (Apple Just Launched A $6,000 Mac Pro)

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