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  • First, Jenny got it.

  • Then, stupid Vicki got it.

  • And I tried everything to get my period.

  • Nothing.

  • So, I faked it.

  • Hm, looks like Florida.

  • Yeah, I got it, it s so red.

  • Cherry slush club!

  • Blood sisters.

  • They bought it.

  • Hey Katie, what s this?

  • What do you think it is? I m on my lady s days.

  • What do I think it is? Rubylicious nail polish.

  • But she doesn t need to know that.

  • We have to celebrate.

  • No we don t.

  • Oh, it s family tradition.

  • We re throwing you a First Moon Party.

  • What the hell is a First Moon Party?

  • Oh, it s one thing to lie to me, but to take that tone? It s on.

  • Hi, do you make vagina cakes? Hello?

  • Then, people started showing up at my house.

  • Grandpa!

  • Sweetheart, you re so grown up!

  • My grandparents, my friends...

  • This is so weird.

  • My mom s friggin coworkers!

  • There she is! I got you the super pack.

  • These are coffee filters.

  • Yeah, I wasn t sure what brand you liked. These kids...

  • I just didn't expect my mom to be such a freak.

  • Pin the pad on the period! Alright, step right up!

  • Pin the pad on the period? Seriously?

  • Do you know how hard it is to find a uterus pinata?

  • I used to like marshmallows.

  • Not anymore.

  • This next one s for Katie, and the weirdest birthday party ever!

  • Mic drop.

  • Music: I m a queen bee come get it, no trippin , I got everything you need.

  • And when things couldn t get worse...

  • My dad showed up.

  • (Scream)

  • What are you doing? You re missing the vagician.

  • You need to stop this. No one is having fun.

  • What are you taking about? This party is a hit.

  • Your grandpa is bobbin for ovaries like a champ.

  • I faked it.

  • (Laughs)

  • Well, maybe you should open this first.

  • Period starter kit? Aren t you going to ground me for lying?

  • Why do you think I threw you the First Moon Party?

  • What'd she think, I wouldn't know?

  • Periods don't have glitter in them.

  • Sometimes you just gotta wait.

First, Jenny got it.


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ファーストムーンパーティー (First Moon Party)

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