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  • Damien, Let's start with you here.

    ダミアン ここから始めよう

  • Want to get your reaction to the fact that now the 40 Niners are the latest team to shut down the facility due to Cove in 19?


  • Yeah, I think the biggest thing is thing for me is how many How many people have been affected by this?

    私にとって一番大事なのは この件で何人の人が影響を受けたのか?

  • Um, you know, you know, that's number one thing that that you think about it.


  • But I think the one saving grace is that it's a short week, you know, it's not like a game that they're scheduled to play on a Sunday.


  • There's a short week, so it's not gonna affect, you know, really, either team, because everything you're not really practicing on a short week, we don't know how many people are possibly could possibly miss a game.


  • But because of the fact that it's a short week, both teams are having to deal with it.


  • The game is going is going to go on as is so I'm just curious to see who's been affected by these positive Kobe tests.


  • Yeah, that's always the question.


  • You know, once you hear a team has an unidentified player or unidentified players, then it's like, Okay, Well, who are they?


  • Who have they been in contact with?


  • You saw that with the Ravens this week, the you know, the contact guys and how many of them will be affected as well?


  • I don't want to be alarmist or anything like that, because you think about the amount of guys who have tested negative and and and have been allowed to play.


  • But what we're seeing in recent days in recent weeks, it seems like there's more cases of positive past, and on one level it feels alarming because you're thinking, OK, it's the Packers.


  • Okay, now this is the 40 Niners, the Ravens, the Titans, and at the end of the day, you're like, Is everybody going to be affected by this?


  • I think the NFL has done a good job to this point.


  • The best job it can dio.


  • And they've been really strict hammering home that message this week, in particular about how guys have to stay away from each other, especially on the sideline.

    今週はそのメッセージを 厳しく叩きつけてきました 特にサイドラインでは お互いに距離を置くことを 徹底しています

  • So they have to wear mask.


  • So hopefully you know it won't be a lot of guys affected at the 40 Niners and the game will go on.


  • But you just wonder how many more positive we're gonna see.


  • It's gotten to the point that no one should be surprised that anybody or any team test positive in the NFL.

    NFLで陽性反応が出ても 誰も驚くべきことではありません。

  • I mean, Trevor Launch of Clemson did everything right.


  • The quarterback of Clemson and he contacted Kovar.


  • 19.


  • So when you have close quarters and people in close quarters, it's bound to happen, especially when we have not been able to get a handle on covert 19.


  • This keeps winning from that standpoint, until there's a vaccine everybody can take and are willing to take.


  • We're gonna have these positive tests are going to happen.


  • Thio each and every football team in the NFL and Kimberly to your point.


  • The NFL's done a terrific job.


  • When you think about many people wonder.


  • Okay, when Kovar 19 hits a team is going to shut down this season is gonna shut down a week.


  • They've been able to pitch and patch of mix and match and move things around, but it has not stopped their season, and at times it has not stopped the week.


  • Whatever that happens in the National Football League, so you take This is a positive that okay, Maybe it's only one person and affect the game tomorrow night.


  • If they could move the game the Monday then they're probably gonna do something like that if they have Thio.


  • But the fact that this has happened constant in the National Football League, but yet it has not slowed down the season.


  • I don't know if that means that we don't care as much.


  • And they were just gonna put players out there and let them just playing, no matter what.


  • But whatever that is, the NFL sent this message early.


  • Kimberly and Damien, No matter what happens, we're going to be here for you.


  • The N B A got interrupted.

    N B Aは中断された。

  • Major league baseball got delayed, the end, each other playing the bubble council is being affected, but we're gonna be here for you because we're gonna make sure the best testing for our league and everybody involved in it.


  • And I hate to use so far, so good.


  • But that has been the case of the NFL that Kovar, 19, has not come close to shutting this league down or shutting down a week of football.


Damien, Let's start with you here.

ダミアン ここから始めよう


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49ersがCOVID-19の検査結果で施設を閉鎖|ファーストテイク (The 49ers shut down facility due to COVID-19 test results | First Take)

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