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  • At first glance Office 2019 looks very similar to Office 2016.

    一見するとOffice 2019はOffice 2016とよく似ています。

  • However, 2019 contains several updates and changes that you should know about.


  • One big change is that Office 2019 is only available for computers running Windows 10,

    大きな変化としては、Office 2019はWindows 10が動作するパソコンでしか利用できないということです。

  • or if you have a Mac, one of the three most recent versions of Mac OS.

    または、Macをお持ちの方は、Mac OSの最新バージョンの3つのうちの1つです。

  • Regarding new features, Office 2019 comes with several visual updates.

    新機能については、Office 2019にはいくつかのビジュアルアップデートが付属しています。

  • First, there's a new library of graphics called icons that you can use and customize however you like.


  • It also lets you insert interactive 3D models into your projects.


  • Finally you can turn your drawings into standard shapes with the ink to shape function .


  • In Word, new learning tools can make text easier to read without making permanent changes to your document.


  • For instance, you can change the text spacing,


  • page color,


  • or even have Word read the text aloud.


  • Once you're done, you can close the tab to return the document to its original state.


  • Excel has also gained a few upgrades, such as its two new chart types: map and funnel.


  • It's also more user-friendly thanks to features like precision selection,


  • which lets you deselect individual cells after you've highlighted them.


  • One of PowerPoint's more interesting updates is the More function,


  • which lets you animate objects between slides in a short amount of time.


  • Also, if you like to save your presentations as video files, PowerPoint can now export your presentation at 4K resolution.


  • Keep in mind that Office 2019 does not have as many new features as Office 365.

    Office 2019にはOffice 365ほどの新機能がないことを覚えておきましょう。

  • If you're interested in more cutting-edge updates, you may want to look into the subscription-based Office 365,

    もっと最先端のアップデートに興味がある方は、サブスクリプションベースのOffice 365について調べてみてはいかがでしょうか。

  • but even though many of its additions and improvements are fairly small,


  • Office 2019 will hopefully make you more productive.

    Office 2019は、うまくいけばあなたをより生産的にしてくれます。

  • GCF Global: Creating opportunities for a better life.

    GCF Global: より良い生活のための機会を創造する。

At first glance Office 2019 looks very similar to Office 2016.

一見するとOffice 2019はOffice 2016とよく似ています。

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