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  • "Stardust" is a song that I did with Benny Benassi.

  • And I met him,

  • and he walked in with his cousin Alessandro Benassi.

  • And we were working in London.

  • And he played me a bunch of things that he'd been working on, with...

  • The first thing he played me in this kind of

  • 25-minute run-down of what he liked

  • and what he'd done recently that he thought would be appropriate

  • was a track,

  • and instantly I just started to sing along to it.

  • The song's written in about an hour.

  • It's called "Stardust". It's...

  • pretty shyly pop.

  • And...

  • it...just, you know,

  • I love the sentiment of...

  • you know, uh,

  • I don't know if I'll see you again,

  • but I can't get you out of my head, and,

  • you know, I know how to make... It's kind of like "Make You Happy".

  • I know how to make you happy. Why don't you just let me change your life?

  • Cause I'll do anything,

  • even at the expense of my own to change your life.

  • And...

  • I took the track to Nick Littlemore.

  • We added a few tiny things on it.

  • And one of those things was

  • by bringing in the percussionist from the London Symphony Orchestra. And...

  • he played marimba along with these Benny Benassi hard core electronic parts.

  • And we blended them together with some acoustic guitars and stuff,

  • just to round up the sounds so that it would...

  • feel a bit more like a record

  • that comes from my universe.

  • And the result is just...

  • pretty joyful.

  • (I could be staring at somebody new)

  • (But stuck in my head is a picture of you)

  • (You were the thunder, I was the rain)

  • (I wanna know if I'll see you again)

  • (See you again)

  • (See you again)

  • (Want you to know what you mean to me)

  • (What would it take, take you to see)

  • (I could put a little stardust in your eyes)

  • (Put a little sunshine in your life)

  • (Give me a little hope...)

  • The one thing I'll tell you about the song is that the chorus is so hard to sing.

  • It's so high. It's just... so high.

  • So god help me when I have to sing it live.

"Stardust" is a song that I did with Benny Benassi.


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