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  • One of the first songs that I did was "Origin",but...

  • in the same session, on that 2-day session, I wrote another song called "Underwater".

  • It was inspired by many things.

  • It was inspired by Elton John piano parts.

  • Because Nick Littlemore was talking a lot about Elton John at that time,

  • because he had been writing a record with him.

  • The "Pnau v.s. Elton John" album.

  • And he was just working on that

  • the same time as writing some songs, so they were with Elton John.

  • So I was like, you know, "You going on all the time about Elton."

  • And he kind of was pissing me off, quite a lot.

  • I didn't...

  • I didn't really want Nick Littlemore to be talking about Elton John all the time.

  • It's not...It's know that...

  • ...creative, in terms of it.

  • Just made me jealous.

  • And...

  • So I sat down. I was like, you know,

  • "what if I play something a little bit like that." So I just started playing this riff.

  • And the riff that I played was this.

  • And that was the riff that I started playing, and...

  • with nice little changes in the pre and then into the chorus.

  • And then, I was like, you know, what if...

  • you know, Nick started actually saying some words on top.

  • And Nick was actually doing something like this.

  • And it's typical kind of like slightly...

  • ...jagged-headed way. And...

  • I was like, actually that's really cool, cause we're going with the rhythm.

  • We're going across the rhythm.

  • So I thought why not do that, so...

  • And it just felt right,

  • so I started writing this thing.

  • And it happened again quite quickly.

  • And I kept on saying to everyone,

  • Look, I want this song to feel like

  • that Michel Gondry Levi's commercial that I remember when I was teenager.

  • Had that underwater love, "Could this be underwater love?"

  • It was the song that was driven to number one

  • around the world, simply by the strength of the ad.

  • Some sailor falls off his shipping boat

  • and gets kind of rescued by a bunch of...topless mermaids

  • who start making out with him and undressing him, and then

  • it's kind of to be continued, but you don't see the rest of it.

  • And...

  • I would say it would be great to have a pop song inspired by that.

  • (When I fall to my feet)

  • (wearing my heart on my sleeve)

  • (All I see just don't make sense)

  • (You are the port of my call)

  • (You shot and leaving me raw)

  • (Now I know you're amazing)

  • (Cause all I need) And we're back into the pre.

  • (Is the love you breathe)

  • (Put your lips on me, and I can live)

  • (underwater, underwater)

  • (Underwater)

  • Then we're just beating it.

  • So it's a ballad, but it still makes you move.

  • (Underwater, underwater)

  • (I can live underwater)

  • (With your love I can breathe)

  • (I can breathe underwater)

  • And then it spills.

One of the first songs that I did was "Origin",but...


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