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One of the first songs that I did was "Origin",but...
in the same session, on that 2-day session, I wrote another song called "Underwater".
It was inspired by many things.
It was inspired by Elton John piano parts.
Because Nick Littlemore was talking a lot about Elton John at that time,
because he had been writing a record with him.
The "Pnau v.s. Elton John" album.
And he was just working on that
the same time as writing some songs, so they were with Elton John.
So I was like, you know, "You going on all the time about Elton."
And he kind of was pissing me off, quite a lot.
I didn't...
I didn't really want Nick Littlemore to be talking about Elton John all the time.
It's not...It's not...you know that...
...creative, in terms of it.
Just made me jealous.
So I sat down. I was like, you know,
"what if I play something a little bit like that." So I just started playing this riff.
And the riff that I played was this.
And that was the riff that I started playing, and...
with nice little changes in the pre and then into the chorus.
And then, I was like, you know, what if...
you know, Nick started actually saying some words on top.
And Nick was actually doing something like this.
And it's typical kind of like slightly...
...jagged-headed way. And...
I was like, actually that's really cool, cause we're going with the rhythm.
We're going across the rhythm.
So I thought why not do that, so...
And it just felt right,
so I started writing this thing.
And it happened again quite quickly.
And I kept on saying to everyone,
Look, I want this song to feel like
that Michel Gondry Levi's commercial that I remember when I was teenager.
Had that underwater love, "Could this be underwater love?"
It was the song that was driven to number one
around the world, simply by the strength of the ad.
Some sailor falls off his shipping boat
and gets kind of rescued by a bunch of...topless mermaids
who start making out with him and undressing him, and then
it's kind of to be continued, but you don't see the rest of it.
I would say it would be great to have a pop song inspired by that.
(When I fall to my feet)
(wearing my heart on my sleeve)
(All I see just don't make sense)
(You are the port of my call)
(You shot and leaving me raw)
(Now I know you're amazing)
(Cause all I need) And we're back into the pre.
(Is the love you breathe)
(Put your lips on me, and I can live)
(underwater, underwater)
Then we're just beating it.
So it's a ballad, but it still makes you move.
(Underwater, underwater)
(I can live underwater)
(With your love I can breathe)
(I can breathe underwater)
And then it spills.


米卡-Track by Track【在水中】MIKA -Track by Track (The Making of Underwater)

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