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  • amidst a polarizing election season, a neighborhood in Oakland, California, is putting on a much friendlier race.


  • Here on 55th Street, the candidates for mayor are more focused on napping, cuddling and playing than they are partisan bickering.


  • Let's go see your constituents.


  • Mary Owen, a 57 year old project manager whose 11 year old Shiba Inu Mimi is running, called the contest a much needed reprieve from the animosity shown in the nation's capital.


  • Well, Mimi is running for mayor of 55th Street.


  • Her campaign slogan is She'll bark when it matters.

    彼女の選挙スローガンは "She'll bark when it matters "だ

  • You know, honestly, I think everyone just needs a little levity from this anxiety filled election season.


  • And so this has just been a pure joy for our neighborhood.


  • Just toe be out here and be talking with the constituents, having everybody tell us how they enjoy just seeing the dogs and the cats running this and it's been a lot of fun.


  • The 55th Street Merrill race started with one incumbent cat named Wally running unopposed, but a few cats and dogs pounced on the opportunity to make it competitive.


  • Kirsten Russell, a 49 year old photography teacher, has a 10 year old tabby, who jumped in the race with the campaign slogan Change Miao.


  • Well, we heard that, um, there was a cat called Wally, who was representing himself to be the mayor of 55th Street, and we decided that our cat Betty seemed Merrill and that maybe we needed a change on 55th Street and we thought, We just jump jump on in.

    ウォーリーという猫がいて 55番街の市長になるために 自分を代表していたと聞いて 私たちの猫ベティがメリルに見えて 55番街には変化が必要だと思ったの

  • Russell's eight year old daughter, Maeve, will cast her ballot for Betty.


  • She's really good and she wants to crush the patriarchy, and so that's why I'm gonna vote for her.


  • She's awesome, Owen said.


  • It's a chance to share the importance of civic engagement and participation with kids.


  • That's right.


  • Well, we are having an election.


  • It's a ranked election, and we're making up ballots with all of the pets faces on it.


  • And our graphic artist neighbor Kelly, is making a ballot box.


  • And mostly we're teaching the kids about democracy and about, uh, fairness equity, you know, justice, And, uh, we're gonna have all the kids, make a choice, put it in the ballot box, have a little talk about democracy in our country and just, you know, and of course, candy because it's Halloween night.

    主に子供たちに民主主義について教えています 公平公正公平公正正義についてです 子供たち全員に選択してもらい 投票箱に投票してもらいます 国の民主主義について少し話してもらいます そしてハロウィンの夜だから キャンディもあります

  • Rachel Kattner, a 43 year old school librarian, put six year old Pitbull mix Macy on the ballot with the slogan.


  • Keep Oakland rough.


  • The amount of like pet puns that come out are just incredible.


  • And you just the way toe to really enjoy our neighborhood, enjoy your neighbors.


amidst a polarizing election season, a neighborhood in Oakland, California, is putting on a much friendlier race.



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地元の市長候補が「チェンジ・ニャー」を呼びかける (Local mayoral candidate calls for ‘change meow’)

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