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Usually known as a home of academia, The British Library swapped its usual books for comic
books on Thursday, as it previewed its latest exhibition.
It's the first time the library has put its name to the medium of comic books and hopes
to celebrate the impact British artists and writers have had the scene.
Co-curators John Harris Dunning and Paul Gravett are hoping the show will make visitors see
comic books in a whole new light.
We don't want to be apologist in any way about comics because I think people understand more
that comics are equal to literature or visual arts now but actually having somebody like the British Library
put themselves behind an exhibition like this really really shows a very, very wide audience
that they've arrived in a way they haven't up until now. I think it's a real game changer.
Not only does the exhibition show modern day graphic novels and comic books like V for
Vendetta and Kick Ass, it also goes back centuries to show Britain's long history in the art
of comics.
Almost certain to be swarmed with fans this summer,"Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in
the UK" is on display at the British Library from today through to August.


British Library hosts UK's biggest comic book exhibition

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